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Need WPReview Sites

Filed Under (Converstion Rate Tool) by claude on 12-11-2008

WP Review Site

Back in old days, when you could direct customers to merchants and make a ton of cash with your Pay-Per-Click, things were good. The game is not so easy anymore. Today, If you look around, we use an easy engine with a quality score component to generate a higher page ranking.

The landing page, on the other hand, has maintained the same ingredients to work with. It provides an interactive site where potential customers can be introduced to products and services for the user. Designing a good site can cost a lot and nothing is guaranteed to make cash quickly. But if it is working, you can drive your leads and make a ton of money. There are not to many tools available that can build a site like this. But using Word Press Review Websites: with the World Press Reviews Plugin, cannot only develop such a page, it can do it quickly! The Word Press Reviews Plugin is the best at this time and it is here to make your life much easier.
In fact, you can create a Niche review site with Word Press in under 5 minutes. Yes,
Under 5 minutes! Check out how you can take full advantage of this Plugin and start building great sites fast and easy.

Word Press Review Websites: review plugin.

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Filed Under (Converstion Rate Tool) by claude on 25-10-2008

Hexa Track is for you…If you don’t tracking your keyword, or landing page and subscriber… you leave tons of money on the table…

With HexaTrack, you will: Uncover the “honeypots” – the profitable niches and affiliate offers SuperAffiliates are using to rake in tons of cash. Legally spy on your competition. Know precisely which ads got top placement over a period of time… and which affiliate offers are making money for your competitors.

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Why Conversion Rate?

Filed Under (Converstion Rate Tool) by claude on 13-10-2008

PJN Promo

Most online marketers have heard the old adage…track, track, track,
and then track some more that is truth when you are serious  about Affiliate Marketing Business. And If you have done any type of promotion on the web, then you should know the weight of tracking your campaign. Testing is crucial to your success.
But sometimes I fed up to testing a Landing Page or my ads when I can’t see any result.
Today you can now put and end to the drudgery of split-testing.

Even though split-testing is a constructive approach to maximizing your sales count, it’s risky because you have to amass 1000s of visitors to your site before you can determine whether your copy converts or not.
But WHAT IF you can predict the conversion rates BEFORE it happened?

I’ve come across Conversion Prophet that uses a special pre-tracking algorithm. It can predict how well your keywords will perform and what your conversion rate will be after only 100 visitors to your site.

Basically, this means all you have to do is send one e-mail to your list or write a few articles or do a simple $20 Adwords campaign. You’ll know the results right away without waiting.

The key point you have to note here this new software you will be able to discover the best converting affiliate program almost instantly in matter of few visitors and make instant profits with it. This will stop you wasting like 5 or 6 months to make a decision.


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