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How to get golden niche keywords for any niche market quickly

Filed Under (keyword tool) by claude on 29-11-2011

Yes I want to try RISK FREE for 7 days… Instacashkeywords… Do you want  a Keywords Expert help you to Rank Faster…

So, the way this Instacash Keywords review works is like this,

Do you want to figure out how to create a second income online while using the instaCash Keywords? This product is done by Travis Sago and Matt Davis, an incredibly experienced Web marketer who may have already helped a large number of his members start earning their unique income online.  Whatch the video demo bellow

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The world’s first Facebook Keyword tool by Perry Marshall

Filed Under (keyword tool) by claude on 15-11-2010

The world’s first Facebook Keyword tool by Perry Marshall. Do you know how to find the fast profit pockets in Facebook ads? You going need Facebook Keyword. Stephen Juth is a long-time Keyword software Jockey and long-time friend of Planet Perry. His software tool CashKeywords not only has a superb suite of keyword tools for Google AdWords, but now has a Facebook tool too. It queries the Facebook database and then combines the results with Google-related data to make a truly useful and powerful tool. Where’s the QUICK money in Facebook?

—> It’s “rifle shots” that skim the cream off of hot, responsive “likes and interests.”

Facebook has more than 500 million active users. Facebook Keyword Tool!

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Keyword wordpress by Keyword Winner

Filed Under (keyword tool, Traffic Tips, wordpress theme) by claude on 25-10-2010

Keyword Winner is kind wordpress I dream about it but I never make or find it… Since  Daniel  Lew make it happened  thanks man I love that plugins… No more guessing or google keyword to writing my headlines… Daniel say: “Keyword Winner is my latest invention, it’s a powerful tool that will revolutionise business marketing and get to 1st page for any headlines that have low competing searches…”

  • So time to be REAL!
  • Are You Tired Of Looking Up Keywords In Google and Then Going Back and Forth To Your Blog Before Writing Headlines?
  • Do you want get first page for non competitive headlines guaranteed?
  • Stop Typing Blog Post Titles In The Dark!
  • Competition and search trends clear as cristal
  • Keyword suggestions for low competition headlines
  • Colours highlighted to target specific search terms
  • Awesome bloggers seo tool

What The Highlighted Colors Represent?
RED – 1,000,000+++ competiting pages or higher (1,000,000 or more
ORANGE – 1,000,000— competiting pages or lower (between 100,000-1,000,000)
GREEN – 100,000— competiting pages or lower

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Product Name Keywords Review by Stephen Porter

Filed Under (keyword tool) by claude on 23-07-2010

XXXX Product Name Keywords  Profitable Buyer Keywords Tool is the GOLDMINE in this Buisness! Do you know why?

Because the most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Strategy is BUILT  around Product Name Keywords.  Because when people SEARCH  for an Exact Product that means only one thing – they are ready to buy!

This is the most Efficient and Profitable Internet Marketing Strategy. You can mess around with PPC, Article Marketing, Link Farms and all that stuff. But when it comes to making money many there is no better way than putting up SEO Affiliate Sites with keywords for products that people are already searching for and practically begging to BUY…

All these Product Keyword Tools give vastly different keyword RESULT…

  • If you’re not using any of them, you’re missing out on what buyers are looking for.
  • If you’re only using 1 or 2 of them, you’re missing out on profits!
  • With this breakthrough new program you can search all the major product keyword tools from one place, including ones that NOBODY else is searching.
  • That means you can find the product keywords buyers are searching for, keywords that nobody else knows about!

Imagine what you can do with CLICKBANK Products, ebay, Amazone…ect DYNAMITE  the Competition with Product Name Keywords

Finally… Easily Find Thousands of Profitable Keywords in Minutes

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Need cheap keyword targeted traffic

Filed Under (keyword tool) by claude on 03-04-2010

XXXXXX Do you know  which tool can give you  6 Billions Impressions from Google Ads XXXXXXXXX

Do you know which  Software can make  10,000 Banners Ads in One Click?

I can honestly tell you that there has been nothing to come out that works like this to drive floods of red-hot and dirt cheap
traffic to your site day in and day out…

And certainly no one is talking about this technique…

How to Promote  CPA Offers with PPC

Not only is keyword research necessary for SEO purposes, it is essential for pay per click marketers as well. There are Ton affiliate Network  out there that are promoting a wide variety of CPA offers. With Keyword Rock Start, you can find out what keywords people are targeting to promote each CPA offer. So with IMeye, you could look for:

  • Which keywords are being used to market a particular CPA category (ie. teeth whitening)
  • More than 5000 daily searches
  • An Adwords cheap click estimate of less than $0.15

This is just some examples of what you can do with Keyword  Rock Start. ( check  out my BONUS) There really is no limit to what type of market you can research using this tool. But hopefully you can imagine the possibilities and see how flexible and powerful  Keyword Rock Start can be.

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How To Get Dirt Cheap Clicks From Google Adwords Again.

Filed Under (keyword tool, Winner Product) by claude on 26-03-2010

XXXXXXXX Getting Cheap Click From Google Adword  Again is not very Hard XXXXXXX

Back ten years    ago   I was spend  maximum for any camping   0. 15 cents .   And today I want  to spend  the same  amount money for my  expensive keyword. I  bought and testing all keywords tools no one delivery the Golden Keywords with Ton Traffic.

Since one guy  stand up with a brand new software  last year  and start slapping back to the Big Fat Gorilla. You want to know who is right! I don’t blame you.  When I saw this software for the first time I told myself if that software cost $ 3000 I will buy it anyway!But believe me is more cheap than that.

First all I  want to introduce you  the Man Behind that called Jon Shugart.  Jon is a real expert when it comes to squeezinf Google for the cheapest possible clicks. He has uncovered some amazing techniques for reducing click costs on Adwords to the bare minimum and still getting a ton of volume to his offers. I talking  about 2 and 3 cent clicks, just like the old days.

Okay go to watching this video where Jon Shugart Demo the Keyword Rockstar

By the way this is the list of what you get when you buy Keyword Rockstar

The most comprehensive PPC Software available on the market. It automates Keyword Research, Domain Availability Research, PPC Search Campaigns, Placement Targeted Campaigns, and Content Network Campaigns. It includes the ability to auto-generate targeted Image Ads as .gif’s, animated .gif’s, and flash images. It will allow you to rapidly crank out campaigns like no other software available and dominate your competition.

“Keyword Rockstar Complete Training Videos”

Included with your purchase are complete training videos where we show you the full functionality of the software and how to use it. (Videos are online)

“Keyword Rockstar Success Secrets Video”

Included with your purchase is a bonus video where we reveal the in-depth strategies for using Keyword Rockstar to maximize your results and profitability of your campaigns. (Video is online)

“Keyword Rockstar Live PPC-CPA Walkthrough Video ”

Included with your purchase is a bonus webinar where you watch over the shoulder of Jon Shugart as he goes Step-by-Step building a PPC campaign for a popular CPA offer for the Content Network. (Video is Online)

“How to Get Accepted to Any CPA Network Video ”

Detailed Video teaching you EXACTLY what you need to do to get accepted by the CPA Network. (Video is Online)

“6 Billion Google Adwords Formula Video ”

One hour video going into even more detail on traffic generation. (Video is Online)

Automatic Acceptance into a Top Private CPA Network:

Don’t worry if you aren’t currently a member of any CPA networks. Keyword Rockstar has worked out a deal with a Top Private CPA Network that will guarantee your acceptance into their network under a “Trial” account.

You will be able to run any offer on their network and take advantage of the huge amount of cheap traffic available on the content network.

FAST ACTION BONUS – First 5 People Only :

Special 2 Hour Video

Q&A Video – Keyword Rockstar & PPC Strategies. Nothing but 2 hours of question answering about Keyword Rockstar and Top PPC Strategies. (Video is Online)
A tool that has every possible feature you could ever need to crank out tons of PPC campaigns in minutes

There are a lot of great PPC tools out there, but  none that take it to the level that Keyword Rockstar has

The reality is that there is not another software tool available that does what Keyword Rockstar does.

We expect to be seeing a lot more super affiliates from the folks that are lucky enough to use it!

This Software Can Make You Tons Of Money” is cool Watch now! Keyword Rockstart Video

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Precision Keyword Finder Tools Review for Smart Internet Marketer

Filed Under (keyword tool) by claude on 03-04-2009

Spy on your True Search Engine Competition, Then Dominate Them!precision-keyword-finder

Even In Very Competitive Or Saturated Markets

Precision Keyword Finder  tool to dominate your competitors before they know what hit them?

  • Shows you monthly search amounts on google for your country for any keyword you select, including related keywords.  This data is obtained directly from the google adwords keyword tool.
  • Shows you the true amount of competitors on google for those keywords.
  • Shows you the # of advertisers on google for the keyword you select.
  • If there are a lot of advertisers, then the keyword is most likely profitable.
  • Shows you the top 10 results on google for the keyword you select.
  • Shows you the # of backlinks for those 10 sites.  This data is obtained from the yahoo site explorer.
  • Shows you the pagerank of those backlink urls.
  • Shows you the anchor text that those backlinks use to see how many include your keyword.
  • Allows for proxies so you can search more often.

Free Video Shows You His Techniques!

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