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How to Use Blogging Blogging For Leads

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 27-04-2013

Blogging For Leads

Yesterday I touched on the “5 Steps To Building Your Internet Marketing Business”and I want to go into a bit more detail about the online strategies you can startimplementing today to build your list, drive more traffic and make more sales.

Having a blog, a “central hub” to your online marketing activity, is the corecomponent to creating a massively profitable online business without ever stepping foot
outside your home.

If you are an Internet or network marketer who still hasn’t launched your Blog because you feel overwhelmed by all of the technical aspects of pulling it off, today I am going
to help you get off of the scary train.

When I first started my blog, I often felt overwhelmed, confused and at times downright frustrated. It feltlike I was running in circles, constantly working on a blog that was not materializinginto the branding hub and income profit center I envisioned.

Your blog is the most important piece of real estate you have on the Internet.It is the one place where people come to get to know you and learn about what you do.

Your Network Marketing blog is the place to showcase your content, your message your business opportunity and the value you share withthe community.

I talk to so many network marketers who have spent months getting around to launching their blog. I spend hours on the phone with other marketers who have no clue where to
start. Obviously, setting up a blog is a BIG challenge for many marketers, and I want to help you conquer that hurdle.

I am going to outline for you where you should be spending your money, where you can cut costs,plus give you some free and low cost resources that you can use to help you launch your blog

A. Get a Domain Name: Go to and scoop up a domain.
Your domain name can be any thing that represents you and your brand.

B. Set Up Your Hosting: Going to Hostgator or BlueHost is an affordable way to house your blog online.

C. Get An Auto-responder: Be able to set up opt-in forms, manage your email list and send automated follow up messages to your followers.

E. Choose A Theme: Your blog is the one place that showcases your value to the world. Choose a theme that is clean, professional and conveys your message and mission clearly!

Have An Irresistible Offer: Provide a free or irresistible offer to give away to entice your blog readers to subscribe or opt-in to you email list. Your free offer can be in the form of a free report, and eBook, an audio or a video.Setting up your blog doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact you can do the steps

I outlined for you and have your blog launched and your online doors open in less than 24 hours!

If you want speed this process and start right now you can do by just click the link bellow and copy my business model today.

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FREE Lead System Forever Review by Free Lead System Team Expert

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 21-03-2013

Discover how anyone can building a Successful Internet Business Faster? Only if you using this powerful Free Lead System Forever and why that can help you make money everyday. But, before  I talking about this amazing software I want to share this quotes with you:

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. – Nolan Bushnell”

Now what is  Free Lead System Forever is about?

This software  has been build since  1999 and most internet guru using  it everyday…

The ‘Free Lead System Forever’ offer 2 different versions of their Lead Generation System. The 1st version is Free Forever and includes a Sales Funnel to make it easy to generate a Massive Amount of Quality Leads on Auto Pilot. The second version called the “Premium Membership” includes a lot more benefits. You can try the Premium Membership for 7 Days at No Cost and then Easily Keep it Free Each Month when others under you become a paying member.
So, how does this system work?

1* Check it out and sign up:there’s no up front or monthly fee ever.

2* Give out the link to your website that will be created automatically for you to anyone else who wants a lead generating system

3* Every other person who signs up will be your lead PLUS every other person that they sign up will be passed up to you!

You literally can have others generating thousands of leads for you on Auto Pilot but… don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself

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Best ways to generate Leads for your Local Business

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 18-12-2012

New Local Business Software –  Generating cleaning leads is an important part of obtaining new customers

What is Local Sniper?

Developed by Jason and Susan King, Local Sniper is the new internet marketing training program and software. It is a software that will give you the opportunity to generate a great income from home by working a few hours daily.
Local Sniper is about generating leads from your local business to make money. It includes a software, five training videos and pdf’s each, 10 ready to use email campaigns, local sniper software manual and some scripts.

The software allows you to scrape emails from websites (e.g. Craigslist) automatically and using the build in email sender to send your affiliate offer to them. Also, there is a 47 pages PDF manual for you to understand how to use the software, some email templates for sending to your email list and a proxies list.

Here are the features of the software:

*Set up lead campaigns
*Open previous campaigns
*Quantify campaign results
*Export thousands of qualified and accurate leads for quick print and mass mailing
*Define criteria based on multiple keywords and search strings
*Export and Import leads list in CSV format
*Multiple add-ons and plug-in available to customize local sniper
*Ability to sort the leads according to your preference
*Filter out unwanted leads using smart lead filtering
*Export collected leads in proper formatting to excel files
*Log file generation to keep a tap on websites searched and leads harvested
*Filter out leads in excel sheet


*Classified Sniper
*Business Sniper
*Search Engine Sniper

With Local Sniper, you can make more money than you make at your job, and you won’t have to work nearly as hard. So take advantage of this great opportunity. Stop breaking your back and start raking in the cash.

Another great leads software tool!

Here’s what you get:

Lead generating tool to pull in thousands of daily FREE Leads

Complete Google Maps Service training

Fill in the blanks sales script

Software Templates videos

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Lead Generation Pro by Alton J. Andres

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 10-02-2010

Lead Generation Pro! - How To Build Your List Automatically!

XXXXX    Step-by-step lead generation process..XXXXXXX

Do you know the problem with Leads? Well   everybody talking about leads but who actually show you how to get them… Nobody until Lead Generation Pro come out…
Let me give you an example of how easy it is to start capturing leads for an offline business.
For example, let’s assume you’re partnering with a mortgage broker and they want customers who are interested in refinancing their mortgage. Here’s what you’d do..

1. Build a website and provide information on refinancing a mortgage

2. Write and submit or outsource articles with tips on how to refinance a mortgage. Put your new website link a bio box on each article.

3. Join discussion forums where people are looking for information on mortgage re-financing

4. Do some pay per click advertising

5. Hyperlink the keyword phrase ‘refinance my mortgage’ and put it on every page of every website you have

6. Promote your new website by email to your mailing list

7. Hyperlink your main keyword phrase on your blog

8. Start a refinance blog with an opt-in form for a free report.

And why would you go to the trouble to do all of this?

I am not talking about selling a lead for $2 or $3 dollars. I am talking about making thousands of dollars this year getting leads for your new partner.

Get them the leads. They follow up with the leads. If they help someone refinance their mortgage you make a commission on the sale by getting paid from them directly.

It’s not as hard or as difficult as you may think. In fact what you’re doing now in the online world can be applied to the offline market. Watch the videos below to see how you can get started today!..

Follow the link below for a full video series on viral list building…

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Instant Capture Page Bonus

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 14-08-2009


1. Secret Google Exploits Worth $97
As you already know the most important aspect of SEO is backlinks, now I’m going to show you how I get an almost unlimited number of backlinks using my secret google exploits technique.

2. Unlimited £30 & €50 Google AdWords Voucher Worth $197

Amit Mehta from PPC Classroom 2.0 said you need only $5 to start with Google Adwords. Now I am giving you a method to get almost an unlimited number of AdWords voucher. (Now you don’t have to worry to lose your money on AdWords)

3. Professional Site & Content Generation Software Worth $97

The secret SEO software that I use to build my own SEO Empire, that generates money on autopilot without practically doing anything! (Just upload, install and you’re done)

4. Professional Keyword Tracking Software Worth $197 The same software that is used by the Top Players for their AdWords Campaigns! Built-in AJAX and produces
a very pretty campaign stats.

5. Massive Firesale Collection Worth $97

You will get Massive Firesale One, Two, Three and Four. That’s a very nice collection of best selling MRR/PLR products in the Internet Marketing niche. You can make Tons of Money fast selling these products.

6. 64 Hot Clickbank Websites Products worth $ 997
With fresh content all you have to do just upload them.

Send your receipt to jonclaudecontact[at]

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More Leads with Instant Lead Magnet

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 17-06-2009

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Ultimate Leads Weapon!

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 08-06-2009


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