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Book that me laugh

Filed Under (Life Style) by claude on 06-11-2010

I bought this book in 2001 for £ 7.99 called “How To Lose Friends & Allienate People” from Toby Young…
This book is amazing I always laughed when I reading that book… If you sad buy this book I guaranteed you going laugh from the first page… Check out the movie too… A masterpiece that made me

laugh out loud. Young has made himself the anti-hero of the book….

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007 Lifestyle – Living Like James Bond by James Bond Solace

Filed Under (Life Style) by claude on 02-08-2010

XXXXX  You Too Can Learn & Put To Use These Exact Steps Needed To Live Like James Bond In Real Life. Unfortunately most men and Bond fans will never live this way. Why? Because they don’t know the rules of the game… Here’s How You Can Live Like James Bond… XXXX

I can have a chuckle here.

If you may indulge me a bit for I am a big fan of the cool, complicated style that’s the arena of James Bond. Not only did Bond prepared the ground for fashionable mens wear beginning back in the early 60’s, but continued being associated with bespoke men’s fashion over time and into present day.

He would make an ideal subject to cover the history of men’s fashion, the designers of Europe and the States, the locations they made famous, and the persona they made. Who could potentially disagree with, “the clothing make the person”? Discrimination , style, cool and charming are qualities Bond defines all at the very same time.

007 definitely personifies all that, but nobody can let me know that those qualities are not fortified by the attire he wears. The garments you wear not only tells lots about you, but updating and wearing nice garments raises your mental state, confidence, and gives you an entire different feeling. When wearing trendy, bespoke suits, is it any surprise he’ll so nicely mingle in the most splendid resort hotel – casinos in Europe, join any Bacarat table encircled by high society strangers and say “My name is Bond, James Bond”, while coolly lighting a fag? Oh, yea, I believe it doesn’t hurt having a license to kill too.

JUST OFF SAVILE ROW In Dr. No, Felix Leiter meets Bond for the 1st time, after a quick bust up, and asks “where were you measured for this?” holding 007’s Walther PPK at him. Bond smartly replies,”my tailor, Savile Row”, straightening his jacket. In the 60’s it was thought Sean Connery’s suits were made on London’s well known Savile Row. And it might have been the sole location befitting Britain’s most famous and civilized MI6 agent. The short, “golden mile of tailoring”, is legendary for being visited by heads of executive, ( Winston Churchill ), royalty, stars, and top businessmen for bespoke tailoring. On the reverse, film director Terrance Young had Sean go to his private tailor, Anthony Sinclair of Passage Street, ( which sits at the end of Savile Row ).

That only stood to reason.

Young was asserted by those close to him and who worked with him to personify all of the Bond- type qualities in reality. One producer announced Terrance basically might have been Bond as he used to be a man of great style himself.

He was wearing great attire, often threw great parties, always had the best fizz, admired by everybody, and had the essential nature of refinement about him.That was his style. Terrance worked closely with Sean on the walk and style for the Bond personality.

WHO DRESSES 007? Armani? Brioni? Versace? Can you guess?

Ok. Lindy Hemming, costume designer from Pierce Brosnan’s Bond to Daniel Craig’s Bond at last selected Brioni. I should concede most Bond fans already realize that 007 wore Brioni at one previous point. Other EU designers were in consideration, among them being Armani. Some things need to be allowed for. A massive quantity of suits have to be made because of the diversity of stuntmen, substitutes, and extras that are on the set.

Not to mention Bond goes thru a large amount of these suits himself. A selected designer who’s factory can tailor make them, and swiftly is what’s required. That versus returning to Savile Row where the smaller tailor’s stores generally take a few weeks solely to make one suit. A non-starter for Bond nowadays. In Quantum of Solace, Bond wears attire by Tom Ford, previously of Gucci. After leaving Gucci in 2004, he formed Tom Ford World .

It’s reported Daniel Craig went thru and ruined around forty bespoke suits. He said to the Brit press, “It actually is a crime. It makes me weep each time. They are great suits”. Ford did a black Cardigan and a grey coat for Bond as well that were available at his retail shops. In Italy, Bond boats across the channel to Talamone to see his ally Mathis for help.

It’s an attractive bright day and he is sporting shades also by Ford. Even if on the run, after the villains – and from M making an attempt to reign him in, Bond knows the easiest way to dress. Now that is style!

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