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Why Too Many Links equal Penalty?

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 08-03-2012

I’ve had a couple of people ask me if you can get “too many backlinks”. No. You cannot build too many links.

I’ve thrown over $5,000 in backlinking at a single site in 1 day. It ranked fine.

…Twitter gets 150,000,000 links per day. (Actual Data from MajesticSEO)

Many people mix up site age with backlink growth. Sites less than 6 months old don’t rank.
If you build a bunch of links to them, they just “Dance” and don’t rank.

However, for any site over 6 months old, you can build as many links as you like and the
site will rank overnight.

Google can’t write an algorithm to penalize sites for getting too many links. It simply
wouldn’t work with thousands of authority sites picking up millions of links every day.

However, there IS a penalty for doing too many links with the same anchor text…

I’ve seen this several times on my own sites and over 10 times with clients.

…Where am I going with this?

If you want ranked FASTER  try this

Authority Link Network


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Link Emperor Video Review

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 19-10-2011

Ok, it’s Time to Expose A Few “Pro SEO” Secrets…

Warning: A Harvard Computer Programmer’s 100% Automated SEO solution is causing People to Fire their outsources and Cancel all their Other SEO Subscriptions.
What would happen if you never had to think about SEO ever again, because an automated program did Everything for you?
Link Emperor combines the most effective SEO services into one ” command center”.
I know, I know, you’ve heard this type of nonsense before. A genius comes out of the woodwork to “reinvent” SEO. We see product pitches like that all the time. And maybe I’m playing it up a bit. Maybe.

But I will guarantee that you’ve never seen a program that made your website’s SEO this simple, powerful, and hands-free. A program that will give you more time to go on vacation while delivering far more #1 rankings than you’re used to. A program that will literally tell YOU what to rank for. A program that will make SEO stop seeming like a chore and start seeming, well, like reading the newspaper.

Effortless. I’ll guarantee that because as far as I know, nothing like this has ever been available to the public before.

Link Emperor: A Personal SEO War Room…

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Authority Backlink edu – Promote Your Site Through Link Building

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 17-11-2010

Get your EDU Backlink for your site  like  Russell Brunson  for just a penny… with Authority Backlink.

Link building is a must for every site owner; online businesses will not survive in the competitive virtual world of the internet without back links. Big companies even hire SEO companies to help them with optimizing their site and building link to create awareness in the online community. Are you not yet familiar with the concept of backlink building? I mean Link from EDU for your keywords….

What is an Authority Backlink?
Google and other search engines give higher priority in website rankings for sites that have hyperlinks back to their site from .EDU sites and .GOV sites. The search engine looks at the backlink and say’s that this site must be very important since an authority website is referencing this site, so I am sure that our users would like to hear about this website and in return raises your website’s Page Rank.

Go to watch  Authority Backlink demo.

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Mass Cash Coverup Bonus by Mike Auton

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 10-11-2010

Mass Cash Coverup Bonus by Mike Auton  is going be available for the first 10 people  only because this bonus is very hot.  The Mass Cash Cover up is so Powerful  I  feel like using  the same tool than 500 Fortunes company… You have to see Mass Cash Cover up in action to realize how powerful it  is.  Because when you know Backlinks make so  much  difference in SEO…: Backlinks mean ranking faster  get Tons Traffic  More Sale….$$$$$$$

I  already bought 3 products from Mike Auton in the past  and this ex- teacher always make it good because Chris x is undercover…

Everyone knows how troublesome is after we are endeavoring to earn an income online as an affiliate. You’ve got to have a  a Good  Product, Great Landing Internet Page, first class Autoresponder and each other Software that can help you make sales. If it not works, then you have to have the Best Affiliate Marketing Software for you to lean on. Mass Cash  Coverup is a good program that may actually help you to your selling career.

Being an affiliate isn’t truly that tough. Just like riding a bike, first have to be told how to do it before you can do it. Affiliates will spend 100’s or thousands of bucks on websites, autoresponders, Pay per click , and so on. However they will not spend two hundred bucks to find the best affiliate marketing software for them. Mass Cash  Coverup is the latest course to be released by Chris X and Mike Auton…  The Manchester  team  going make google cry again…

Not very much is understood about Mass Cash  Coverup yet, however Chris X and Mike Auton is sometimes known as a perfect marketing specialist so that the Mass Cash  Coverup course is susceptible to be one of the better programs launched inside the future.

Mike Auton is the creator of Hard Money Hijack product. This was a top hit on Clickbank and ranked top 5 in the market. Mike started as an affiliate with no experience and he managed to generate millions of bucks in sales thru the employment of paid site visitors strategies made on his very own. One large barrier that’s stopping amateurs from making a living online is the price tag. They do not have cash to spend masses of bucks on advertising. That’s the reason why, formerly fifteen months, Mike has made a system which might generate fast, large amount of free traffic.

This isn’t one thing that could be  speedily like Facebook, social media, Twitter, PPC or banner adverts. This is also not some out moded Pay-per-click or SEO course which works 2 or 3 years during the past, but is now pointless. Mass Cash Coverup is a unique system the place you will generate fast FREE  site visitors, in any field of interest markets, including the competitive ones. The guides and general steps are straightforward to go along with and does not take a lot time to implement. The product is sold thru Clickbank. As per their gross sales letter they have developed a software programme tool that allows them to get 100 percent FREE site visitors to any affiliate offer.

It alleged to hook right into many various site visitors sources which can on occasion be 117 times larger than Clickbank. They also declare that anybody can use this programme and no technical data is necessary The software aims to automate all the tough work that affiliates face to be well placed to earn cash. The entire system of the way the software generates traffic is kept in secret until the launch. However the creators of this software say the application is simple to use and will definitely be applied to any market. So, you want to test this out and stay tuned for the Mass Cash  Coverup updates.

For more info, visit the links above. to get my Mass Cash Cover up Bonus.

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Link Dozer Review by Link Dozer Expert Kristina Saric

Filed Under (Links software, Winner Product) by claude on 28-08-2010

#####Every Internet Marketer has one and more Secret Tools to help him to load ton cash quickly…  My Favorite one called: Link Dozer Review…

Link Dozer is a link building service run by Kristina Saric, someone who has had 11 years of experience in the SEO industry. Before we get into how it is different you should probably know what exactly this system does.

  • What makes Link Dozer different?

The strategies Kristina talks about and how her service keeps you organized are two of the most important aspects to this program.

The training program associated with Link Dozer is very Advantageous and is Loaded with Video Tutorials to help you to understand how the program and SEO optimization work.

Link Dozer is a new S.E.O tool centered towards online marketers looking out to drive quality traffic to their web sites exploiting unique link building methods. Kristina Saric, a well known IM developer, made the software programme while looking for a method to send more traffic to her blog.

What started as her private system has appeared as Link Dozer, a link building tool commonly used by a selection of web marketers. When referring to online marketing, there isn’t any aspect more dreary than the inception of quality articles to provide yourself with backlinks to get ranked in search websites ; nonetheless with the appearance of Link Dozer, the whole process is turned the other way up.

You will get lots more folks visiting your internet sites, which will lead directly to more sales, which gives you more profit from that web site. Link Dozer’s site is refreshingly truthful, in that it won’t lie to you and say that you will make cash straight away with their programme.

Simply the truth, Link Dozer will go great lengths in pushing your sites, and what it will need is some effort at the start from you. It is not saying anything that is too good to be true, which makes it a really real program.

Link Dozer won’t make a business for you, but is meant to enhance your current business by creating great traffic and pushing you up search engine results. Link Dozer can offer you a really unique way of taking quality backlinks. You cannot help but gain important back links when using this state of the art S.E.O programme, since it has a complete database of sites where your content can be posted.

  • Are you questioning exactly how many sites?

Now there are way more than 1,200 sites, and this number is continually growing. With that sort of numbers, you can’t fail. All you have got to do is put in a very small bit of work to get the traffic you need and the results which you hunger for. Even the resources area, title and outline in the piece are dissimilar. After you’ve made the content, you want to upload it on all of the sites you have created accounts for.

This is all automated for you, so all you’ve got to do is tell the programme to do it and unwind. Overall, this revolutionary traffic building system will more than pay for itself and has the ability to produce good results. Link Dozer is still undergoing work, so anything you might find displeasing will definitely be worked out in due course.

Remember, there are a bunch of marketing pros who use this product find the results are much better than they ever imagined, but others who see it as pointless. The only real way to discover if it is truly deserving is to give it a try to see it in action for yourself.

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SERP Turbo- Backlinks Booster by Sean Donahoe

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 06-05-2010

XXX Unique Pagerank  Backlink Booster  Software from Top SEO Internet Marketer Revealed. XXXXX

Get Tons of  Qualities Backlinks and Increase your Blog Natural Traffic Now with  SERP Turbo Backlinks Booster by Sean Donahoe.

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TextLinks by John Sprock

Filed Under (Links software) by claude on 26-02-2010

Revolutionary new way to create quality relevant backlinks to your site free trial

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