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How the trend is social networking today?

Filed Under (Niche Socializer, Winner Product) by claude on 07-04-2009

personal_social_network67I’m sure you’ve heard of sites like Facebook and MySpace. They’re known as social networking sites. They let people

form an online community to share information about stuff they care about.

That’s great, but what really counts for Internet marketers is that communities of people who are passionately

interested in something can be a gold mine… if you can figure out a way to market to them without turning them

off. And that potential to turn people off has been a real road block for people who try to marketing to communities,

using what’s called social marketing. Sites like MySpace will flat-out run you off. There are some social networking

sites that won’t, but the downside is that they can change the rules at the drop of a hat and cut off your income stream.

Not good.Until now, setting up your own social networking sites has been like twisting yourself into a pretzel. Enter

Niche Socializer… This is going to change everything. Why? Because it makes setting up profitable community sites a

breeze.The software was built by a team commissioned by two experienced Internet marketers (Andrew X and Steven

Lee Jones). They wanted a platform that would make it easy to set up a community site in any niche they chose. Boy,

did they succeed.This software is a joy to use. Wizards walk you through setting everything up. And you can create

some dazzling sites, with all the bells and whistles. I’m talking about built-in forums, integrated business directories,

and professional sign-up features that make you look as good as Facebook. You name it, you can do it.So you don’t

have to worry about creating a site you won’t be proud of. That might actually be tough to do with Niche Socializer.

But again, what really counts is the money you can make with this platform, and that’s where Niche Socializer really

shines.It’s clear that Andrew and Steven had monetization in mind from the get-go, because it’s extremely natural to

build in multiple income streams. It starts with the ultimately flexible membership features. They’ve hit a home run

here. You can set up free trial periods, different membership levels, flexible charges, just about anything you can

imagine. But it doesn’t stop there.You can, for example, set up your own classified ads section and charge your

members to post ads. Or you can build in ad rotation on your pages so your members will see unobtrusive, context-

sensitive ads they’ll love. You can even sell your own products from within your site. The eCommerce module makes

that so easy you won’t believe it. And you’ll own every site you create (you can set up three included in the purchase

price, and more for a small member rate after that). Each and every site is 100% your own, and you can even resell

them if you want. Best of all, Niche Socializer integrates seamlessly with PayPal and 2CheckOut, two of the most

popular (and easiest) payment processors on the web. It’ll take you just five minutes to install the software. Then all

you have to do is configure it. And they make that easy as well. They include top-notch video training on everything

from installing Niche Socializer to how to use email marketing to squeeze maximum profits out of your membership.

The quality is excellent. Even better, their support is phenomenal. They don’t just leave you hanging after you buy.

They give their own members ongoing webinars where they answer submitted questions, and they give real

techsupport when you need it via an email. You can submit your support tickets 24/7, and you’ll get a real response,

from a live human being, usually within 24 hours. I can’t imagine a better, more comprehensive, more administrator-

friendly tool to let you jump on the social networking wave. What’s more, they’ll let you prove that to yourself. You

can try Niche Socializer for a month and prove you can make it work for you.

I can’t recommend this strongly enough if you’re interested in making money from social networking.

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