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How Does Pinterest Increase SEO – Pinned SEO Review and Bonus

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 28-02-2013

How Pinterest is gaining massive traction in SEO. Crawler friendliness of Pinterest & how to maximize it. Before I buy any product especially SEO  tool I like check out what they say in the sale page match with the reality. So how I do that. I pick up their keyword I am putting to Google keyword tool and I check out if this keyword has a large amount traffic. After that I check in Google search where their site located,  if in the Top 3 positions after 2 weeks… Only after that I going to buy  the product to know more about their strategy. And that I did with PinnedSEO product because I highly recommended  because they rock.

So! Today I going talk about Pinned SEO Suite. The team Pinterest Seo Expert called: Mohanty and Precious Ngwu

By the way I never thought  before by using  Pinterest to ranking my pictures or any product  so  I want to give a try.

First I read the sale page and I find the ranking in the top of the SERP for few keywords and I was surprise to discovery that. All their keywords ranking in first page of Google in the first position.

How they manage to ranking thoses keywords… there are: -jewerly making ideas  –men’s hair styles – men’s fashion… it just cannot be…

Because thoses keywords are damn hard to ranking so I decided to waiting two weeks and I will back to checked again. Thoses keywords stuck like a glu in the top but ranking more in the SERP.

I told myself this guys are good and they have must have a secrets… click here for more info.

In the member area you have the basic page where you can download the PinSuite WordPress Plugin with the Pin Suite user manuel and the Pinned SEO suite training report.

They also have several webinar like: Pineed SEO Suite – PinLocal(to crush it on local business) Webinar – PinZonAff webinar(Ready yo Bank Big with Amazon)

*Intro to Pinterest SEO

*Preparing the SEO Magnet

WARNING: how and where 90% of the marketers go wrong by using Pinterest in a wrong way to optimize their site for search engine traffic.

How to triple optimize your niche Pinboards for niche searches, location searches as well as keyword searches.

*Pinterest Keyword Strategy

How to increase the searchability of your niche sites with right keywords in your board.

How to make your image get indexed in Google faster and better to get better SERP in search engines.

How to target niche keyword friendly pins that will result in more clicks through traffic.

* Content and on-page

: How to make your pinboard content go viral. What to do in order to refresh your content and invite Google’s crawler to crawl your niche site targeted boards again and again.

*Pinterest SEO Link Building Network Building

*Jedi Power of Pinterest for SEO:

Instead of focusing on getting links from Pinterest, focus on getting links from other Pinterest users; instead of whoring your Pinterest out for traffic, focus on accruing a targeted interested audience or users because search engines like. And much more…

Free Bonus

1. Video SEO Firestorm

#2: Pinterest Membership Secrets

#3: 12 Step SEO Forumula Ranking in Google 2013

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How to make money with pinterest and amazon by Jani G

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 17-12-2012

Did you know that you can get paid for posting pictures online? Pinterest Makes Him $533 Per Day

There’s this new site that you can actually realistically earn between $100 – $200  per day  , by posting images.

Users on this site are 10 times more likely to buy from you than Facebook or Google…

The tutorial video is around 20 minutes of good content, so make sure you cut out all distractions when you check it out, and take notes.

After you watch the video, you will be able to apply the technique he shows you, and start getting as much traffic as you want from Pinterest for FREE.

What you get from Pin Your Income System!

*Step by Step Tutorial Videos How to get Traffic and Make Money From Pinterest!

*Free: Copy and Paste Campaigns

*Free: Mobile Pin Tornado
*Free: Live 1 on 1 Money Mastermind Training Webinar


Watch the tutorial video here!

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Pin Bot Video Review – Automatic Pinterest Profits

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 14-10-2012

I just bought Pin Bot Software today and I want to told you about it.   If you want to  make some money  with Pinterest you need thsi Software…

Pin Bot Software is clean simple  Spy pinterest software.

This revolutionary technology will get massive traffic that will…

* Never run out
*Never dry up
*Doesn’t cost a single penny!

This has nothing to do with need SEO, sites, Google Ads,  blogs, list building…

You do not need a product, site or even a domain to profit from this secret technology!

Pin Bot Software has 2 up sells:  Azon Pinterest  and Social Traffic Monster

If you need to make money with Amazon   you need Azon Pinterest

If you need to make money with Twitter you need  Social Traffic Monster…
The secret technology that powers this traffic giant .. I pretty sure you will enjoyed it like:)

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Turbo Pinner The Ultimate Pinterest WordPress Plugin

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 28-04-2012

Turbo Pinner The Ultimate Pinterest WordPress Plugin 

Pinterest the fastest Growing Network of Right Now! What is Pinterest and how can it help me grow my business?

Pinterest is a new and emerging social media platform, that has also established itself as a respectable and intelligent medium for sharing ideas and images that people are passionate about.

The concept of Pinterest can be found in the name of the site. Your profile is like a ‘pinboard’, where you can collect, arrange and display items for your friends and followers to see.

Pinterest! It’s the latest shooting star in the social world, and if you don’t know, it’s a place to post and share photos. REALLY GOOD photos. It’s basically Twitter if you throw out 90% of the users and keep only the serious photogs, then instead of a stream of text, display a wall of pics.

Pinterest has become a referral juggernaut. According to, Pinterest referred more traffic in January 2012 than “LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit, and YouTube – combined. ”

Try to get access to thjis targeted traffic by hand is close to impossible unless you have unwavering patience, dedication and lotq of free time. Pinterest is like a more visual version of Facebook; as an online pinboard where you pin up your interests in picture, it connects people in a much ddeper way according to their interests. For this reason, it is divided into categories and is therefore AMAZING for subtle marketing and targeted traffic.

Imagine that each pin (image) you create is like a little ad banner of yours that people Choose to share, repin and put on their own pinboard. Now that’s advertising the right way!

Anf how long does it take to put up some pictures? Time is money… and with Pinterest, you save time

Pinterest makes it hard for you to “pin’ your own content to your blogs so unless you lines of code and enjoy copying and pasting those codes so that other people can simply access your pins then you will be bored to death. Plus, it quite technical so even if you are a WP/HTM expert – it is still time- consuming. There’s no doubt about that.
Of course, for every problem – there lies a geeky genius with a solution in hand: the Solution


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