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Few thing you must to know about PPC before you start and get more from your PPC efforts.

Filed Under (ppc) by claude on 18-12-2011

What you need to know about Pay Per Click before you start a PPC campaing? Do you need to get more from your PPC efforts? Are you tired of paying the Google tax?
How to get targeted visitors for as low as $.08 a click?  How to Consistently get a 10/10 Quality Score every single time?
First all Google Adwords released on October 23rd 2000 and Google’s total advertising revenues were USD$28 billion in 2010.

How to leverage your business with the Power Of Online Advertising Thru Google Adwords. You need to know how to set up a good laser targeted campaigns that drive in ‘qualified’ buyers, so that every click counts for something.

Need more leads and sales – without spending more on traffic? This is the time to simplify PPC marketing and removed the fear that’s been holding you back. PPC marketing is the best way to get your marketing message into the heart of your favorite niche market without having to spend more than a few minutes setting it all up.

It is pretty clear that ppc has become the most used way to market online. I see it as a forever expanding market, with new PPC programs, advertisers and publishers joining in their thousands daily. The simplicity, cost efficient solution and instant results give PPC not many negatives to claim about. However, before many young new advertisers plunge into the depths of PPC, they will need to know about PPC from the start. They need to know what they might be facing and instant successful results may take time to achieve.

PPC = Money

Like with all advertisement, it costs. For PPC, although being one of the more cost efficient forms of advertising, it is still expensive for a beginner who doesn’t have a overly huge budget. Therefore, you should budget extremely carefully to raise some capital to spend on PPC. The first few weeks even months of your campaign will not have the aim to get success results but to familiarise yourself with the logic of PPC. Once you have done that, you can concentrate more on optimising your PPC campaign.

PPC = Time

Again, I’m making PPC sound expensive and time-costly. However its not, if compared again to other types of advertisement. Even so, you will still need to put aside time to create your campaign, analyse your campaign and optimise your campaign. PPC is a time efficient form of advertising. But, it will still take time. You cannot presume that because you click a button and your campaign has started means you don’t have to put any time into it. Your PPC campaign will need constant attention. Without it, failure will occur.

  • Set Up your own goal…

Like with anything, if you have nothing to strive to achieve, you will not perform at your best. The same applied with PPC advertising. Before you start, create an aim, a goal, a motivation of which you want to achieve by a specific date. To make your aim, think of SMARTQ:

Specific – Make your aims specific to your and your campaign’s needs. As well as that, make them well-defined and focused.
Measurable – This basically means for you to include numbers and dates in your aim so you can compare back from your aim to the reality of your campaign.
Attainable – Don’t be too optimistic when setting your aim. You have to remember that you are new to this advertising network and will most likely learn from mistakes you make in the first few months. Therefore, don’t aim to achieve a high success (or conversion) rate.
Relevant – The aim must have relevance to the outside world as well as the interest of what you want to promote. For example, if you are trying to promote a English book, don’t aim to promote the book to foreign languages where the chances are they won’t be able to read the book. You are not promoting the product to the relevant market.
Time-Based – As I have mentioned already under attainable, your aim should have a time-frame in which you must achieve your aim by. E.g. Budget £1,000 to ‘this PPC campaign’ by ‘this date’ to use for the run up to Christmas.

Using SMART goals, you should be able to produce a fairly good aim for you to achieve as a new PPC advertiser. If you don’t achieve your aim, don’t worry! It’s early days still and make sure that you know why you didn’t achieve your aim and how you can make sure to achieve your aim next time round. Learn from your mistakes is the best way to progress.

As you can now see, there are a few things you need to ‘tick off the list’ before you get into PPC. These are not neccessities but guidlines to move you onto your way to success. If you are interested in other things you need to know about PPC: I suggest you have a look the videos bellow… Discover traffic generation secrets from a Google Insider.

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Filed Under (ppc, PPV) by claude on 27-01-2010


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Filed Under (ppc) by claude on 01-12-2009

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Summer Time is Coming

Filed Under (ppc, Winner Product) by claude on 14-06-2009

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Do you need Help to Make Money with PPC

Filed Under (ppc, Traffic Tips) by claude on 27-09-2008

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Super affiliate cracked the code

Filed Under (ppc) by claude on 26-08-2008

This is a little piece of how you can crack the code by yourself too.

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