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Commission Overload Video Review

Filed Under (Products Reviews, Winner Product) by claude on 01-04-2011

This is my Commission Overload Video Review but  before you start watching the video… I have got one question for you..

Do you want to spend your money on another information product?  I guess so no!

So!what is Commission Overload and what can it do for you?

Tim Atkinson has created an Internet Marketing Attack Plan  that has taken the industry by storm. It has already broken all pre-launch records by selling over 1,600 copies in 4 days, and is set to be one of the biggest launches in Internet Marketing industry  history when it is released to the general public.

With all the hype going around I thought i would offer my humble opinion with a short Commission Overload video  review.

First – It is not..

* 1 click Get Rich Quick Software
* Regurgitated or Repackaged Training Programs
* Niche Specific
* Only Online / Offline
* Only for CPA Marketing

It is…

* Over 15 Hours of Quality Training

For anyone looking for a get rich quick scheme you will need to look elsewhere, any one of the many marketing methods detailed within the training modules will require commitment on your behalf to implement.
Training Modules

Commission Overload is broken down into specific training modules that target both online and offline marketing techniques.


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Zero Cost Profits Overview Bonus

Filed Under (Products Reviews) by claude on 20-12-2009

XXXXX Zero Cost Profits   Best Bonus Online XXXXXXX

Zero Cost Profits is a new , step-by-step system that you can implement to make money online with zero cost. You don’t need to  purchasing advertising, web hosting, domain names, and all that. Because  Zero Cost Profits is very good for the newbies  also people they never make money  after they bought  so much course and failed…

Why because many newbie’s tend to lose money using pay-per-click advertising to generate traffic.

And is not fair  when you’re new to the game and start to lose money, it is  really stressful . In this course, Matt Bendwell  will teach you how to make money by choosing profitable micro niches that have little or no competition, and show you how to attract targeted buyers.

Get Inside of Zero Cost Profits:

  • How to narrow down your market and keyword research to find Micro Niches
  • How to make sure that the keywords you select are the buyer keywords
  • Analyzing the Competition
  • How to choose profitable products in your micro niche markets
  • How to create your sales medium without spending any money on advertising
  • How to stay on top of the search engines

One more thing  if for any reason you don’t like it you can ask for refund within  42 DAYS– no questions asked!

Go TO Zero Cost Profits  Bonus…

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I wish I had this when starting out

Filed Under (Products Reviews) by claude on 06-02-2009


Whether through PPC or natural search traffic, the simplest and most
effective way to replace your job with online riches is by reviewing affiliate products.
I don’t think that’s any kind of a big secret, just a plain old truism…
A well written review plus some traffic will nearly always generate sales.
The problem until now has been that it sounds a lot easier than it actually is.  Correctly reviewing a product isn’t just writing up any old article on the subject and crossing your fingers hoping for sales.
You need a review that actually *Converts*. So the process looks a little something like this:
– Find a hot niche market with hungry buyers
– Research top selling affiliate products in that market
– Write a detailed review on each product
– Design a professional looking website to place your reviews on
– Generate keyword lists, find topic-related blogs and write
articles to promote your site
– Research additional affiliate products that you can also
advertise to your site visitors
So the reality is, you’re looking at a rather large amount of work and time to actually get it right.  That’s the way it used to be.
And that’s how I did things when I started out.  All of it *from scratch*.
I can only imagine the time I would have saved and how much faster
I would have hit my stride with something like these ready made review sites:
Why this wouldn’t work
When Jason, the creator of this new affiliate marketing in a box, told me about it, I was sceptical.
The reason for that was because if 2 thousand people end up owning these, they will become pretty much worthless.  However, I was impressed to learn that they had thought of this (and decided NOT to pretend it wasn’t an issue).
They are keeping these for a very small group of users and that means you can gain the full benefits that come with having all this done for you.
For just $37, it’s quite the steal and will allow you to get started almost immediately.
Check it out here while it lasts: amazing tool.

“Everything has been figured out, except how to live.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

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Joe the Plumber Have You Found The Beef

Filed Under (Products Reviews) by claude on 15-10-2008

Are you old enough to remember the 70’s? There was a little old lady on TV commercials demanding to know, “WHERE’S THE BEEF?” She became a national icon. Everyone was using her catch phrase to ask where the good stuff was hiding.
Well, there are a LOT of would-be entrepreneurs on the Internet who want to know, “Where’s the Beef?”
We keep hearing about these extraordinary Internet incomes… so why are there so many people who haven’t achieved them yet?
Maybe they’re looking in the wrong place. Following the herd is NOT the way to go to find the money online. The beef is out there, alright, but it’s hidden all over the Internet…in NICHES.  Weird niches. Odd niches.  Tiny niches. Niches no marketer has effectively touched yet. Niches ripe for the picking.

And do you know how many niches like this there are? And how many new ones are being created DAILY?
There are literally hundreds and thousands just waiting to be tapped.
So how do you FIND these niches, and how much money can you make? I’ve found someone who KNOWS, and is willing to spill his guts to you.
His name is Joe, and he’s made $214,000 in just the last TWO MONTHS alone using his marketing techniques with these small niches.

His very first niche pulled in $68,000 just from natural traffic, and that’s when he was only beginning to discover the marketing system he uses now. That same site is still raking in money year after year. And the niche is… well… you’re probably not going to believe this but… the niche is… carpet cleaning! He’s since gone on to discover other even more profitable niches that are also paying him month in and month out. And you can too, when you know the secrets of… Exactly How To Attack Any Niche Of YOUR Choice…
How to Profit Within Days… And How to Explode Your Initial Income into the World of the

(The proof is on his site)

P.S. Suppose all you ever did online was choose ONE niche like Joe’s first niche (carpet cleaning) and make a solid five figure income from it every year. What could that extra money do for you?


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Start suck cash off Today

Filed Under (Products Reviews) by claude on 11-10-2008

You might not hear about it much, but there are people out there… marketers… who are very quietly making seven figure incomes as affiliates.

You’ll never be told the names of most of these affiliates. They don’t do seminars, they don’t write ebooks, and they don’t teach anyone how to do what they do…

…they just quietly go about their business of sucking cash off the Internet with a giant King-Kong sized vacuum.

Now, if you’re like me, you want to know what they know. You want to suck cash off the Internet like a giant Hoover, too.

So how do we find out what they know? Kidnap one of them! Hold him hostage ’till he tells us EVERYTHING.

If he won’t speak, torture him with rap music and force feed him fast food till he bursts.


Okay, the jail time might not be too fun. So, here’s another idea…

We’ll CLONE him.

We’ll make an exact copy of his brain, and then we’ll be able to earn six or seven figures with affiliate marketing, too! Sound  nuts?


Not as nuts as you think…

There is a guy named Chris who is making SEVEN figures with affiliate marketing and Adwords right now. And he’s hired a software team to duplicate the process he uses to make this income.

His software does what he does, automatically. It allows ordinary people to create extraordinary incomes… and in far less time than you and I thought possible!

There is a catch, however. You’ve got to be disciplined enough to follow the step-by-step instructions.

Don’t try to “do your own thing.” Simply do what the software tells you to do.

I know for some of us, that’s difficult.

We want to plunge in head first on a whim or hunch. But the software is designed to hunt down REAL profit opportunities, not whims or hunches.

When it finds one, it alerts you and THEN you jump in and profit big time.

You don’t need to be brilliant, or even smart. You just need to follow directions.

Now, even I can do that!

P.S. Skeptical? No worries, you get a full 56 days to decide if what I say is true… that if you can follow directions, you can make big money with this software.

Be sure and check out the proof on the site, too… $146,706 in 32 days.

What if you made just 1% of that to start? And you made maybe 10% of that after a few months?

Could that be a wonderful thing?



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Paid Yourself SIX-figure income

Filed Under (Products Reviews) by claude on 11-10-2008

Does this sound totally arrogant or what? I was reading this webpage about affiliate marketing... when I ran across this statement… “Savvy super affiliates don’t settle for measly six-figure incomes, they let others build their empire, making them ‘millions’ on autopilot…” don’t SETTLE for measly six-figure incomes? Look, I know that we’re told to think BIGGER… That our only limitations are the ones we impose on ourselves.

But most affiliates are NOT making six figure incomes. In fact, most affiliates would KILL to make a six figure income. So how is this guy telling us that we should forget about the six figures, and go straight for SEVEN? (No typo, that’s over a million dollars per YEAR.)

Well, I guess if anyone would know, it’s Eric. He’s making over six figures per MONTH with affiliate marketing. And he credits his success to the confidential information revealed in “The Last Affiliate Secret“… If you’re an affiliate, odds are you’re working too hard and making too little money. Did you know that there are oh-so-simple techniques you can employ that will absolutely skyrocket your income?

Don’t think in terms of “gradually” earning more. Start thinking in terms of DRAMATICALLY earning more in a very short period of time by using the secret you’re about to learn. And no, there’s nothing mystical or magical about this… but it is different from anything else you’ve ever read or heard about in the world of affiliate marketing. In fact, it goes against what the experts have been telling you for YEARS.

There IS a massive shortcut to making big money. And you can discover that shortcut…and start growing your income not in increments and bit by bit… but EXPONENTIALLY, by leaps and bounds.

P.S. Sometimes the simplest answer is the one we overlook, because it is so simple. Like when your washing machine stops working. You play with the dials. You pull off the front panel and see if you can find the problem. And then you call a repairman… who charges you $60 to plug your washing machine back into the wall socket. We’ve been overlooking the simple truth of how to make millions in Affiliate marketing with less work than it takes to make thousands.

Here’s that secret


There are hundreds of useless ebooks out there, which contain a lot of fluff, hype, and outdated information that doesn’t really work in the real world. The Google Nemesis is NOT an ebook…it’s so much more than that: you will get access to a very powerful, revolutionary software package. This software package fully automates your Clickbank affiliate PPC (Google Adwords) campaigns, making it so unbelievably easy to make money online… all you have to do is literally ‘point, click and profit.’

If you’re feeling locked out of the “make money” game because you don’t have hours to spare, or money to burn on another dead-end ebook.. Then I have some incredible news for you. FOR YOU IS FREE

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