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How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

Filed Under (remarketing) by claude on 06-03-2013

Right Now you are losing 98% of your Traffic. I too was losing 98% of my site visitors, until I did this one thing. Before I told you how I fix this problem… One question and is part of the solution: Do you what is Retargeting or Remarketing more important How does retargeting actually work?

Let’s take display re targeting first: When a consumer visits a website using display retargeting technology a special cookie is placed on their computer. This cookie identifies the user and what website they were on. The cookie relays that information to other websites they visit. If the consumer lands on another website using retargeting it reads the cookie information and shows the consumer an ad based on the cookie. So, for example, if you were looking at shoes at and abandoned the site without making a purchase, you could end up seeing a banner from at the next website you visited. At that moment you have been “retargeted”.

Basically gives you maximum exposure and makes you look like you’re “everywhere”I find  who it does called: If you’re ready to crash your competition this tool is for you it is  the last traffic buying technologies available right now. Click here to see the beast in action.I have been using clickcertain for one month now you can see a screen capture of one

my campaign. This is the best way to get cheap and lazer target traffic to your home business.

For one campaign I get 642,748 impressions, 162 clicks and I spend $32.22 in one day.

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

If you have business or blog and need some free traffic give a try this tool…

The help desk clickcertain can answers any question you have help you to find the right audience for your offers. Also you can run campaign for clients too…

how retargeting works



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