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Do you need a Successful Website -Technical Website is the Best

Filed Under (site flipping, Website Builder) by claude on 31-01-2012

Check out their  Portfolio of recent Clients who THEY have Created websites for. Some of  their clients use Monetization methods such as Adsense, Clickbank, Email Autoresponders, and  much  more.

They are creating 100% completely Unique Designed Sites filled with full  content. You will receive websites like the ones shown below INCLUDING start up traffic from our network of websites. They  can create Sites for any NICHE, any BUSINESS, and anything you like with HTML/CSS all completely customized and pimped out ready to WORK FOR YOU. They will Optimize your Site to anything you like, with FREE  Revisions and Customizations for Completion.

Here is what you will get from us when you order our packages : 
1 – Unique designed website (No one else has your design!)
2 – Content for your website (pick out the business, send us information and we will do the copywriting)
3 – Search Engine Optimized keywords, meta tags, description, and titles
4 – Initial start up traffic coming from our network of linked websites (500-1,000 visits per day)

++ All SEO Work includes submission to 200+ Search engines and our popular Google indexing within 24 hours service (free) ++

Click The Image bellow to see the rest of  the  PORFOLIO…



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Build, Rank And Sell Niche Websites With This Simple Easy Method

Filed Under (site flipping) by claude on 05-12-2011

Build, Rank And Sell Niche Websites With This Simple Easy Method. Purchase Or Create Websites For A Few Dollars, and Sell Them
For Hundreds. For example  last month I bought a site $150 and I flip that site  one month later $3500 for a local business…

Yes you right I should buy more… hold one!
But what’s you have to understand  in this business is better to test something and make  sure is working and duplicate  it…. by outsourcing.

Because is not easy to find a killer niche quickly and a buyer.

So more about This technique called flipping site

And for that I used tones diffretntes tools….

Find Buy Keywords: I don’t want to waste my time to figure out which keyword will make me more money!

Find a Niche:  I don’t want to waste my time to find a Hot Niche Market I want to go where is it?

Find a site: I don’t want waste my time to build a  good looking website … I prefere buy it

Ranking it: I don’t want to waste my time to building my Backlinks or pay a Fortune for it I want it Ranking Faster Now

And  NEXT Flip that Bit****  and collect the money… If you want to learn more check out this  Free Webinar….

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I sell my blog $15 million dollars.

Filed Under (site flipping) by claude on 07-10-2008

I sell my blog $15 million dollars I wishes to say that unfortunately is not the case. But I find is amazing when I hear that news last week when Bankaholic blog been sold to  $15m run by one person.

What is special about this blog we can learn from it? The thing is  that blog has a very nice traffic and visitors. The number is about 8500 visitors per month, is ranked 41,904 by Alexa, and has a Google Page Rank of 5 and 27000 inbound links. I guess is very healthy site with that level of traffic. The success a blog is always 2 things: the niche market and the keywords is bidding it.

The niche market

Bankaholic is providing information on US credit cards, and finance products. In addition, Bankaholic offers consumers advice and information that allows consumers to comment and rate banks and their promotions through social networking features.
It is nice green site with a very rich content and product reviews. If you been play around with CPA offers you know finance niche market are the most competitive avec ringtones niche market…

Johns the blog owner mange to get a very good price 15 millions, and four months ago “mom blog”been sale about few thousands dollars.

SEO is the key in this business

Believe or not WordPress blogs seem to do well in the search engines natural rankings. And this certainly to be the case with Bankaholic. When I want to know if the blog is good to sell I am always asked myself how do I rank well in the SERPS. For example Bankaholic has the ability to rank well in the search engines for finance related keywords and key phrases?
But they do have a lot of fresh content updated daily and this is a good point. One more thing I want to say about the content the readers really enjoyed the content by the massive comments the blog received after each post. Interesting your reader is thought but  it is the key point about this business keep your readers come back.
Maybe I forgot to mention it Bankaholic is only just over 2 years old, having over 27,000 inbound links and very good SERPS.

If you have a blog and you want to sell it for millions of dollars.

You need to do use WordPress is FREE with tons feature and search engine friendly…

Profitable niche:
Where there are lots of buys with lots of cash to throw at you when the time comes another word look what’s the market need: the demand.

Interesting content:
You not writing for only the search engines but most important for your readers. Interesting your readers by good fresh  quality contents.

Links are king:
Good link is very important to become an “authority” in your niche. I not
Big fan of buy link because is hurt my SERPS.

So if you done that with passion you can sell your blog for million dollars.

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Make a site and flip it

Filed Under (site flipping) by claude on 25-08-2008

Make a site and flip it is the hot business in Internet right now but how to take advantage of this business opportunity? How much money you can really make with site flipping and avoided some common mistakes? So! What it is site flipping?
Site flipping is a derivative of the term “house flipping” which has become very common in real estate. This mean you build up a site and you sell for the maximum profit. Site flipping can be a big deal if done right.
Back 1998 when I was learning html code (£600.00 a module) to make a site and sell it for someone but I never find a buyer to accepted the price I was offering too higher. Probably I was making some big mistake and I drop everything in start learning ppc campaign.
Since, last week my best friend keep shooting me email after email because he wants to sell a site he just makes for $1000. Who is going to buy a site for that price and how to make a site to sell it that price?
The thing is in this business most site sell about $40 up to $80. He could be very nice to make $80 per day for few hours’ job right. The reality the thing doesn’t working like that anymore now it is very high competitive business you need more than good-looking site TO FLIP IT. Before you have to considering some key points to make your site flipping quickly.
This is few key points:
You need to choose a good nice market- Make sure you have a good domain name- Prof of income- traffic generation- good presentation- and some stats.

Okay before you putting your feet in this business and try to do right and make serious money I strongly recommend my good friend Justin to help you to flipping your site for more than $5000.

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