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Video editing software How to make video Marketing for your business

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 14-09-2015

Do you looking for  the Best Video editing software ? This is the industry’s most trusted editing tools for professional video production.

Can Video Motion Pro really help you quickly create attractive “Presensation and Screen Capture” Videos with strong calls to Action… So you can Deeply engage your traffic and get More Sales?

What is Video Motion Pro?

Video Motion Pro is a video creation and editing software tool that works on MAC and PC (Adobe Air). You can record your own videos with the screen capture and webcam recording features. And you can easily edit your videos with the video editing timeline and it has even an awesome green screen editing option.

Great features, but the real power comes with the intro and outro videos creator, and animated logo sting and lower third animations creator.

Even if you already have VideoMakerFX, Easy Sketch Pro or Explaindio, you’ll probably want Video Motion Pro. Why? Because these tools are great for animated or whiteboard (sales) videos, but they can’t record your screen or webcam. And more advanced recorders, like Camtasia Studio (or Screenflow), lacks simple tools to create intro videos, outro slides and lower third animations. Easy to Use Intuitive Interface

Main features of Video Motion Pro:

Intro Videos. You get 20 audio tracks for intro videos.
Logo Animations. You get 35 logo sting intro animations.
Premium Image Library.
Lower Thirds. You get 30 professional lower third animations.
Timeline editing. Drag & Drop video editing.
Green screen editing. One click green screen editing.
Video Outros creator. Increase views and (channel) subscribers with video outro slides.
Screen & Webcam (and Audio) Recording.
HD Rendering and YouTube upload. Ready with your video, just upload it from within the software to YouTube or save (render) it to your PC. Click here to see the video demo!

Best Video Editing Software Available for Novices

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How to ranking youtube video in Chicago 2015

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 29-05-2015

Do you want to ranking your youtube video right now and get tons traffic…

I bet you say yes!

I bought this Desktop software called Social Robot the man behind this software name’s Joshua Zamora.

This man is expert an video ranking I bought several software from him all about videos ranking.
Social Robot is designed to to do all the back linking for you. I always say that software is a tool and a good tool is one that makes something you would normally do yourself (or should be doing) more easy.

The very first thing that Social Robot is designed to do is create accounts for you on the book mark sites. Normally in order to post a link to them you will need to create an account with an email address and confirm a link in an email that you get sent after you sign up. Social Robot can do this automatically for you.
Following the instructions I created my link and my post in the software. You can manually enter your own post content for the back link it makes to the book marking sites or you can just enter some keywords and Social Robot will pull in some relevant text content for the link. I decided to go the easy way and just click the button to have it pull in content automatically.

For more info click the link bellow.

How to ranking youtube video in Chicago  2015

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How To Ranking Local Video: Video Marketing Software

Filed Under (Social Bookmarking, Videos) by claude on 30-01-2015

Video Marketing WORKS – Plain and Simple. People have shown that they can make hundreds (and thousands!) of dollars.

Just using video marketing alone.  This  Very Hot new software product, takes those results and Skyrockets them.

*Uploading a video to Youtube is simple.
*Marketers use that strategy to gain traffic, backlinks and ultimately sales.

But… for most people – that is where they stop and it simply isn’t enough.

*Not enough ‘eyeballs’ on your videos
*not enough traffic to the sites
*and when it is all said and done…
*not enough sales of any kind.

That is where Hydravid takes over.

Click here to See it in action: Hydravid 2.0 software is help to promote produts and businesses through the video marketing.

The product is a tool used to come up with easy methods of making and ranking quality videos.

Features of Hydravid 2.0 software

*The Hydravid 2.0 software has the capacity to come up with a full comprehensive report
about all the videos which have been upload.

*Unlimited Accounts On All Sites – and choose to upload to one or tons

*· Proxy Support – All accounts are safe with the ability to assign specific proxy ID’s to any and all accounts

*· Create Unique Versions of Each Video – Using our unique system, the software can add a custom slide at the end of the video and adjust the time of the slide (and recompile the video) so that each video lenght is unique.

*· Provide a full report of the URL’s of all the videos uploaded – Great for adding additional bookmarks and client reports

*· Allow Spintax in the descriptions and titles – The customer can add in their own spintax – and the software will create a unique post for every submission. Allowing the targetting of multiple keywords and phrases from one video. (more on this in the PRO version)

The software is very simple and easy to use.


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Amazing Video Creation Software For Online Marketers

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 07-05-2014

I always  want to make a very good video without  be in front of the camera….  Because I don’t want to spend any more money to fiverr or any other outsourcing people… I know make good video is just damn complicated.  In the past  I bought a lot of tools to help me to make nice videos but  nothing  match what I find.  I just bought this amazing software called VideoMakerFX.  This New  Video Creation Software out now that will absolutely change the way you think about creating Videos.

-> Click here to watch the VIDEO on it and see some of the sample Videos created with it

You know those awesome Whiteboard, Character and promo Videos  all the top marketers and companies are using?

That’s just minutes away now from being in your power to create. I am already using this software to create awesome videos and I have to tell ya this is brain dead simple to use and a total game changer!

It’s been over a year in development, and you will see that when you get access to over 250+ fully customizable video scenes!

Take a look at the some of these totally killer features…

video creation software

– EXPRESS VIDEO Sales Letters let you create quick and easy video sales letters like never before!
– Awesome character, explainer, photo slideshow, whiteboard styles and tons more!
– Fully customize the text and brand the VIDEO how you want it to look!
– Add images, change around colors, apply beautiful backgrounds all with ease

Really this software is going to change video creation as we know it.



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Local and Small Business from City of Boston | How to Get More Leads

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 18-01-2014

How to get more clients and sell more products by ranking rapidly On Google in 2014 using Google against Google!

Video seems to be the weapon of choice now for most local entreprise with new Youtube training products coming out almost daily.
Whilst some of these strategies definitely work, a lot are getting saturated and therefore not working quite as well as you might hope.
Being a successful local entrepreneur means being up to speed with all the latest strategies and its vitally important to be at the beginning not the end of any new marketing trends to get maximum benefits.

Get the secrets that get this Guy more than 2 Million Viewers every month.
YouTube Made this Guy a raging success. And Now He’s Revealing All His Secrets! Just want to share a strategy I’ve been using that actually gets me on the first page of Google multiple times.

So what you get? Tube Rank Jeet Include

Youtube Optimization Software + Video Course + Ebook
Tube rank Jeet Software
This amazing tool helps you grab that 1 page ranking by making perfect Youtube optimization a process that anybody can do. It helps you identify good keywords, write perfect titles, great descriptions, and get targeted keywords for great rankings and views.
Video Course + Ebook
Cyril “Jeet” Gupta’s special Youtube training, with the same techniques that he uses to promote his own channels, that get nearly  2 million iews every month! Click here for seeo the Video Demo.

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How to Build an Online Video Business

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 11-11-2013

Do you want to build a successful online video business?Learn how to write out your business story, shoot a video that looks great, edit and publish an engaging video. So you going need this  tool click here to see the video demo today

Tube Cash Code has recently launched by Corey Lewis Team on Monday November 4th 2013. This product is designed to show you how to create income producing Youtube Videos . If you haven’t made any money online, then you must get your hands on this product immediately!

Tube Cash Code is a software and course that was originally sold for $997+dollars so it’s built with tons of value in mind.

This is truly good piece of software that’s a true drag and drop – click-click type software.   This software will help you Analyze  and Rank  YouTube videos quickly and easily through its proven algorithm which Corey uses himself to make money. You don’t need any websites or technical experience to use this software. The software works without any issue on Windows OS and capable of working on Mac OS too.

The step-by-step training is very concise and in-depth.

As well as beginner steps, they even throw in some more advanced methods once you work your way up.

I also like how they include Free  webinar training with your purchase too.

You actually get four weeks of living Q&A ‘no-pitch’ webinars as standard to make sure your getting the best for your money.

Final Points:

Tube Cash Code provides  unlimited income opportunity. But, you need to know how to do it right – that is what Tube Cash Code is going to teach you. If you want a proven way to make money online, this course is worth considering.



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How To Earn Money Through Youtube Videos

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 08-04-2013

I believe you have an smart phone and you want to know how to upload a video to youtube. But hold on right now.

Do you know you can make money with youtube? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just click below:

All you’ve got to do is upload videos to YouTube and you will get paid by million dollar companies.

These companies will pay YOU to upload their videos! If you didn’t upload one yesterday, I bet you’re regretting

that now huh? People are earning cold hard cash just by uploading videos to Youtube… If you want to learn more about this new software please go to visit their website here.

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