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How to secure content on the website

Filed Under (Winner Product, wordpress theme) by claude on 07-09-2017

How to protect blog content from copying

This tool, can help protect the content in your website. I mean text content – images much more.

This new plugin by Mark Hess has been released and there’s been a lot of buzz around it as many
internet marketers have been promoting it to their mailing lists. No doubt you have seen their
promotions and came here looking for a REAL WP Content Guard review to see what it’s all about.

WP PROECTEC Content Blog wordpress


While WP Content Guard may not be a money-making tool, it can help protect the content in your website. Thieves exist everywhere to try and take advantage of your work, and this product will help eliminate them.

This tool will shield your text, images, videos, and valuable files from strangers by having it installed in your WordPress website. In just a few clicks, your site is completely protected.

What Does WP Content Guard Do?
WP Content Guard is said to be the solution to finally eliminate thieves that are stealing precious content from you.

So how can this tool help protect your site? There are 3 main features that it boasts:

1. Built-In Advanced Hotlink Protection – This prevents thieves from linking directly to your images, files, forums, and even in emails. They won’t be able to isolate your work in a separate link and steal it from there.

2. Automatic Right-Click Blocking – By activating this feature, no one (including you) will be able to right click on your posts & pages. They’ll also be blocked from entering the source code.

3. Automatic Copy & Paste Blocking – No one will be able to copy and paste your content when this feature is activated. Because the truth is, there are a lot of stealers waiting for fresh content to use as their own.


Grab All These Newly Added Bonuses

  1. Send your ID from your purchased
  2. 2. Send email here: nichedepotbiz[at]
  3. Give us 24 hours.




  • Bonus Package N° 1

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Where to find best local business wordpress theme

Filed Under (wordpress theme) by claude on 04-07-2013

Local Business need Help  to find  the Best  Local Business WordPress Theme. When they decide to buy a    a web site most of the time they want the same copy  expensive web site than their competitor… I don’t know why maybe they don’t know out there you can have tons customizable wordpress themes for few bucks…

And I schedule I meeting with a local business looking for a brand new site for his company.

I send him several project finally few days later we closed the deal… To make the site…

What is my point?

Local business need website who can suite with their business perfectly…

And the need someone  who can brand value in the table for them…

Now is time for you to connect with your local business !



local business wordpress theme

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The Ultimate Product Review WordPress Theme for Home Base Business today!

Filed Under (wordpress theme) by claude on 04-10-2011

Are you into building review websites? If so, check out this in-depth article about the Product Review WordPress Theme. It’s an impressive review website … WP Review Site turns WordPress into a Powerful Review Site Engine, … easily create user-powered review sites on virtually anything – review products, services…

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Perfect Squeeze Page Themes for SEO WordPress Squeeze Page Theme for Internet Marketer

Filed Under (wordpress theme) by claude on 04-10-2011

Faster Rank A Squeeze Page In Google’s Page #1.  That’s exactly what the revolutionary Squeeze Boss WordPress Theme is all about!
There are 10 pre-made gorgeous squeeze page template designs that you can customize with the click on a button, both for video-based and text-based squeeze pages.

All you have to do is to select the template you like the best, fill in the different text fields and hit the “update” button… yup, it’s as simple as that!

Creating drop-dead beautiful and high-converting squeeze pages have never been easier!


Video #1: Installation And Configuration

Video #2: Usage and Blueprint To Success

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Keyword wordpress by Keyword Winner

Filed Under (keyword tool, Traffic Tips, wordpress theme) by claude on 25-10-2010

Keyword Winner is kind wordpress I dream about it but I never make or find it… Since  Daniel  Lew make it happened  thanks man I love that plugins… No more guessing or google keyword to writing my headlines… Daniel say: “Keyword Winner is my latest invention, it’s a powerful tool that will revolutionise business marketing and get to 1st page for any headlines that have low competing searches…”

  • So time to be REAL!
  • Are You Tired Of Looking Up Keywords In Google and Then Going Back and Forth To Your Blog Before Writing Headlines?
  • Do you want get first page for non competitive headlines guaranteed?
  • Stop Typing Blog Post Titles In The Dark!
  • Competition and search trends clear as cristal
  • Keyword suggestions for low competition headlines
  • Colours highlighted to target specific search terms
  • Awesome bloggers seo tool

What The Highlighted Colors Represent?
RED – 1,000,000+++ competiting pages or higher (1,000,000 or more
ORANGE – 1,000,000— competiting pages or lower (between 100,000-1,000,000)
GREEN – 100,000— competiting pages or lower

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Commissions Automator by Wing and Reno

Filed Under (Twitter, wordpress theme) by claude on 10-02-2010

XXXXXXXXX  Commissions Automator for Twitter or WordPress only $4.97  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Just got my hands on the new ‘Commissions Automator’ plugin for WordPress and Twitter a few days ago, and I know you’ll want to install it too. It’s been posting new instant commission offers to my blog and Twitter account on complete autopilot, and every post includes MY affiliate link to earn instant commissions for my referrals!

Richard and Ken are the FIRST to release this automated instant commission technology onto the scene, so we are the FIRST to be able to take advantage of it! For less than $5, how can you go wrong?

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ThemeMX by Chris X

Filed Under (wordpress theme) by claude on 05-02-2010

XXXX  Creating a WordPress site is the easiest way to way to get Google LOVE.

Now, MX is built for one thing – making you money by pulling in masses of targeted Google traffic, and turning it into piles of affiliate cash.

If you have a problem to install it  day job killer TEAM will even install it for you ourselves.

Just send them  an e-mail and we will set everything up! It couldn’t be easier.

What ‘s it can do for you:

  • Make Money Promoting ThemeMXIf you promote the ThemeMX affiliate program, you get paid 60% (you read that right!) on all sales.
  • Any Color You LikeThemeMX features a built-in color picker so you can match your existing color scheme, if you wish.
  • Instant AdvertisementsJust copy and paste your Ad code (such as AdSense) once and you’re done.
  • Squeeze MeThemeMX includes a customizable squeeze form that you can place in any post or page.
  • Two Layout StructuresBored of your layout? Switch it up with the click of a mouse.

Okay watch this video now about THEME X

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