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Need the right cpa networks to make money

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing, CPA) by claude on 07-08-2008

Told me which CPA networks you used I told you how much money do you make.
Because to find a good CPA networks is not easy, it is a tricky business we have to paid attention so many issues like who give the best payout and when you get paid?
One other problem I have to face out is to find the right CPA networks because almost everyday I discovered a new one. So I decide to figure out what I need to know to choose the right CPA networks. Because in this business Affiliate Manage are the reputations of doggy peoples:

Before I choose the right CPA networks and doing business with them few points I need to take into consideration for example:
The offer
Most Affiliate network has more than 500+ offers in his folder. But the quantity is not very important you need to look for the quality. If the affiliate networks focus all the offers in one niche that is not good point for you. The affiliate network has to give you a very large variety of offers.

Affiliate Manager
Affiliate manager has to be someone you can have easy access to him.
Email address telephone the picture as well because when you apply to affiliate networks they asked you most of the time your copy of your ID example Copeac.
But that is not enough for me I want to know if I can trust the Affiliate manager for to help me to track my clicks or sales. I want to know the level of relationships for example if he going to provide me the same qualities information’s than a famous super affiliate. I want to know if he doesn’t going to keep half of my money or shutdown my offers without told me. Or I want to know if he can raise in my payout. Frankly I want to know if I can have a personal attention from him…
Remember Affiliate manager is doggy person.

Solide high payouts
When you putting yourself into this business is to make money and tons money.
You need to looking for the best solid payout for your offers, I know by experience different Affiliates NETWORKS can pay less or more the same offer. What you need
to do pick up a bunch of affiliates networks an testing them looking for how much they pay their offers. It is difficult to know if a offer converting very well, but always testing them before you launches a massive campaign. Don’t be afraid to asked your affiliate manager which offer is converting very well…you just do your job to ask him to help you.
I don’t care there are tons CPA networks I want to know who going to pay me very well on time. So this is a short list of networks that I highly recommend that you check out:







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