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Filed Under (PPV) by claude on 13-04-2012

Do You want to begin a successful, and highly lucrative, CPV or PPV Affiliate?  Do you want  to Make Money With CPV Advertising

I just find it and so easy… to set up this technic called ppv or cpv? This Traffic system so powerful you may think it’s illegal but it’s not.

Your site opos up when someone searches for or visits any of your competitors.  Your site pops up when someone searches for your keyword, phrase, or niche. Your  site pop up when someone searches for a review or information about your topic. Your site pops up at the moment of maximum relevance. Your site pops up when prospects are ready to actually buy!

What is  PPV or CPV ?

PPV means “Pay Per View” and is simply a pop-up ad. A “view” refers to display of your Web, landing, or affiliate page, and is how you are charged. Think of it as a way to pop-up a full page ad with as much (or as little) content as you choose.

 Why is so easy?

You are about the discover the strange and mysterious world of PPV marketing, and learn why this litle used method may become your favorite marketing channel, especially if you are as small business owner on limited budget.

Plus, PPV might be the best place to test out new ad campaings, beating even Google and Yahoo in both conversion rates, and actual profit.

Tha’s a bold claim I know, but PPV traffic has some unique advantages over conventional Pay Per Click and other advertising channels, namely…

All you need to do is to sign up with affiliate network like Direct cpv to get Traffic. After that get a offer to promote.  After that  you need to SCRAP   URL from  GOOGLE.

For example if you target weigh lost   niche market then you need  to get all URL  from about weigh lost.

How cost the traffic? About 0.015  cent you can see the is very cheap even for this target niche market.  So if you hate paying $1, $5, $10 or even more per click with PPC…
If you are sick of SEO, articles, blog, backlinks and endlessly hoping Google will bless you with a top ranking…

What is the Pay Per View Benefits?

Highly Targeted: PPV offers some of the most targeted traffic available, especially when you compare cost per visitor.

Misunderstood: Rampant confusion and misconceptions about PPV mean it’s underutilized, which spells opportunity.

Big Volume: PPV Networks drive over a billion visitors daily, including niche traffic in nearly every verticla market?

Amazing demographics: Target the most responsive prospects online, in every age, gender, and income bracket.

Very Private: With PPC, anyone can type your keywords into Google and see your ad campaingns, but PPV neyworks offer you an amazing amount of anonymity an privacy.

where to learn about it?

I find 3 very good place to learn about PPV  all of them are good… But I can told you I already bought everything about CPV or PPV because I teached Myself  how to get tons TRAFFIC without GOOGLE…

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Traffic Evolution is designed to take you by the hand and get you up to speed immediately. It reveals the top “up to the minute” sources for paid traffic while also training you on the best way to make money with them.

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