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Home Website Builder Video Review

Filed Under (Website Builder) by claude on 11-06-2012

Home Website Builder is revolutionary software that has been in development for over two years by its creator, Rob Benwell and Chris Ripley. It is a software that can build money making affiliate sites in approximately five minutes.

With the Home Website Builder all you have to do is

  • Step 1: Choose a NICHE
  • Step 2: Choose a TEMPLATE
  • Step 3: Choose 3 Products from a Pre-selected list of Top SELLERS
  • Step 4: Write Reviews on each PRODUCT
  •  Step 5: Enter your Sites information like:  Keywords,  META Description.. etc.
  • Step 6: Publish either on a Sub-domain or your own! With Home Website Builder you get additional content, templates and coaching!
  • Sign up for Home Website Builder and build you own home income site today!

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Bring The Fresh Review Video by Kelly Felix

Filed Under (Affiliate Marketing) by claude on 26-04-2012

Bring The Fresh Review Video

Bring the Fresh is an IM course and membership site created by Kelly Felix and his partner Mike Long. Both are well known in the IM world and have earned well over 20 million a year online. Bring The Fresh is focused on showing its members step how to make money online with niche affiliate sites through video tutorials and it’s private members only forum.

What is Bring The Fresh?

Basically Bring the Fresh revolves around the SEO system that Kelly Felix developed to get his sites ranking at the top of Google. He and Mike Long have both used this system to create countless numbers of these profitable niche sites. The whole thing is detailed in the Fast Start Guide, which is a PDF that you can download when you first login to the site.

Of course, many different IM courses and products claim to teach you the same stuff that Bring the Fresh does. Where BTF differs though is that Kelly and Mike are willing to share the actual domains of their own sites.

So within 5 minutes of signing up, you can see that the system works by going to Google and seeing their sites show up in the top positions that they claim.

This is huge, and a reason why the course is so popular Because who wants to waste the time following a SEO system that doesn’t work. Or one that used to work, but now doesn’t because of the recent Google Panda updates.

Being able to validate their claims definitely gives you the confidence you need to take action and start to implement the Bring the Fresh system yourself.

That said, the techniques that Bring the Fresh demonstrates aren’t particularly new. I myself have been using a variation of this type of link building system for a long time now and it’s the reason why ranks so well for hundreds of really good keywords. So I know the BTF system works, and I can personally vouch for it.

Heck, if you came to this site via Google while searching for a Bring the Fresh review then you know it still works at this very moment!

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