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How To Get Cheap Clicks And Higher Conversions Using Facebook Ads

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 09-05-2013

Want to see how to get cheap clicks on Facebook Ads using Custom Audiences?

Facebook is a huge source of traffic. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer promoting someone elses stuff or a product owner trying to sell your own things, facebook traffic is huge. If done correctly you really can build a huge empire just with Facebook Ads alone. Their targeting allows you to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your stuff!

This 8 part video guide will walk you through how to get even more precisely targeted traffic!

Here’s what you get:

Video 1: Introduction to the Method.

This is the introduction to what you’re going to be doing on Facebook to get dirt cheap clicks and how to increase your conversion rate.

Video 2: Angle Research

Angles are key to success. Don’t be generic, go for different angles when promoting anything and your success rate will go up.

Video 3: Landing Page Creation

It’s not hard. You MUST use landing pages when using angles. You could direct link from the ad to the offer but it’s not nearly as effective.

Video 4: Get Group IDs

This is where my software pulls lists of people from Facebook for you to target. This is the key to getting dirt cheap clicks and higher conversions.

Video 5: Conversion Tracking

You can’t run a campaign unless you track your conversions! I’ll show you how to use Facebook’s own conversion tracking in this video.
Video 6: Facebook Power Editor Campaign Setup

The power editor is such a time saver and absolutely necessary to use with this method. It’s simple, free and I’ll walk you through it step by step in this video.
Video 7: Rinse & Repeat

Manufacture your own luck. This video shows you how to scale your campaigns on Facebook. Follow this and you’ll be set.

Video 8: Conclusion

Summarizing what you learned and giving you a plan of action going forward is what this video is all about.

If you want to learn more about this new strategy check out this case study.

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How Does Pinterest Increase SEO – Pinned SEO Review and Bonus

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 28-02-2013

How Pinterest is gaining massive traction in SEO. Crawler friendliness of Pinterest & how to maximize it. Before I buy any product especially SEO  tool I like check out what they say in the sale page match with the reality. So how I do that. I pick up their keyword I am putting to Google keyword tool and I check out if this keyword has a large amount traffic. After that I check in Google search where their site located,  if in the Top 3 positions after 2 weeks… Only after that I going to buy  the product to know more about their strategy. And that I did with PinnedSEO product because I highly recommended  because they rock.

So! Today I going talk about Pinned SEO Suite. The team Pinterest Seo Expert called: Mohanty and Precious Ngwu

By the way I never thought  before by using  Pinterest to ranking my pictures or any product  so  I want to give a try.

First I read the sale page and I find the ranking in the top of the SERP for few keywords and I was surprise to discovery that. All their keywords ranking in first page of Google in the first position.

How they manage to ranking thoses keywords… there are: -jewerly making ideas  –men’s hair styles – men’s fashion… it just cannot be…

Because thoses keywords are damn hard to ranking so I decided to waiting two weeks and I will back to checked again. Thoses keywords stuck like a glu in the top but ranking more in the SERP.

I told myself this guys are good and they have must have a secrets… click here for more info.

In the member area you have the basic page where you can download the PinSuite WordPress Plugin with the Pin Suite user manuel and the Pinned SEO suite training report.

They also have several webinar like: Pineed SEO Suite – PinLocal(to crush it on local business) Webinar – PinZonAff webinar(Ready yo Bank Big with Amazon)

*Intro to Pinterest SEO

*Preparing the SEO Magnet

WARNING: how and where 90% of the marketers go wrong by using Pinterest in a wrong way to optimize their site for search engine traffic.

How to triple optimize your niche Pinboards for niche searches, location searches as well as keyword searches.

*Pinterest Keyword Strategy

How to increase the searchability of your niche sites with right keywords in your board.

How to make your image get indexed in Google faster and better to get better SERP in search engines.

How to target niche keyword friendly pins that will result in more clicks through traffic.

* Content and on-page

: How to make your pinboard content go viral. What to do in order to refresh your content and invite Google’s crawler to crawl your niche site targeted boards again and again.

*Pinterest SEO Link Building Network Building

*Jedi Power of Pinterest for SEO:

Instead of focusing on getting links from Pinterest, focus on getting links from other Pinterest users; instead of whoring your Pinterest out for traffic, focus on accruing a targeted interested audience or users because search engines like. And much more…

Free Bonus

1. Video SEO Firestorm

#2: Pinterest Membership Secrets

#3: 12 Step SEO Forumula Ranking in Google 2013

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How To Create a Fan Page on Facebook for Business in 2013

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 21-02-2013

When I watched John & Eamon’s most current product “Like Page Domination” I need to confess I was leaving quite a few points out myself when it involved establishing my fan account up correctly so as it would bring in the right kind of supporters. John & Eamon have set out a step by step eBook and video clip training  program for creating the excellent fan account with Facebooks brand-new Timeline. This course is an extremely comprehensive road that will certainly take you by the hand and have you up and running quickly.

We all understand Facebooks gigantic right! Any type of successful online marketing expert will certainly inform you that to be effective online you have to be where the website traffic’s at. Well that’s exactly what Facebook has to offer and now with the brand-new Timeline for company pages, what better time to jump on board this titan and delve into its possibility.
So now you recognize the relevance of getting on to Facebook and creating a Fan  page for your company … why exists many still not using it? It’s due to the fact that they think they’ll never ever find out the procedure, however that’s not true at all, because with Eamon’s item; he will certainly have you a professional of making Fan web pages by the time you run through the 10 videos tutorials   that are within his program!

John & Eamon’s course for producing ‘like’ pages is so simple. The means he lays it out has actually been so smart, you’ll reach see all the tools Eamon uses himself were he reveals you bit by bit in the video clips exactly how effortless it is to discover certain applications and publish them to your fan page.

In video 3, you’ll establish your cover image and logo design in no time at all, then he’ll walk you with how to effectively modify your environments.

Then in video 7, you’ll reach enjoy John & Eamon create a free offer in Kompozer to utilize on your fan page. I personally liked this live, since it’s something I’ve always wanted to get to grips with and John & Eamon have left it a wind to adhere to.
OK, now for a closer look at Like Web page Supremacy and what this brand-new product could achieve.
Live 2– Establishing Your Supporter Web page.
This wasn’t as hard as I initially visualized … I complied with along to John & Eamon’s live exercise and had my Facebook supporter account produced in minutes. If you’re looking to include additional visitors to any of your sites online, then you know the resale value of establishing a follower page can deliver you. It will certainly set you on the right track and further improve your revenues using the power of Facebooks web traffic.
Video 4– Producing Your FREE Offer!
I adored this video and the means it discussed to me how simple it was to produce a cost-free deal in Kompozer. I need to confess, I would certainly never ever also considered involving the use of Kompozer to produce my fan page, then connect it to my application. John & Eamon have actually left this point and click for anybody to observe along to.
There’s likewise an eBook and checklist offered which will certainly keep you on the straight and narrow. So, once you have actually read the eBook and saw each specific video, you could come back and checkmark each box and move along confidently to the following one; understood you have actually covered all the essential steps.
*1. It’s like having John & Eamon rested next to you revealing you what to do.
*2. John & Eamon also reveals some superb complimentary applications to go and download to your new fan web page, which all tie in with driving web traffic from other resources … and that’s exactly what it’s everything about– COST-FREE WEB TRAFFIC !!!
*3. In a Word! Foolproof.
*4. It shows you detailed the best ways to be an expert fan web page creator that same day! Bear in mind, these are truly easy walk through approaches.
*5. This item is so user friendly also. Also a newbie could not fail when they observe the quick guide!
The crucial steps that I learned from each video clip were vital. I’m beginning to see significant outcomes now I have my very own follower account set in place … I was losing out big time on that targeted website traffic, but none even more. Seriously, you merely require someone to reveal you what way to put it completely and this does.
Like Page Supremacy is the excellent overview for making your fan page which will deliver targeted website traffic to your web sites day-to-day time and time again.

Like Page Domination

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Net Space Profits 3.0 Rewiew and Bonus by Tyler Ericsson

Filed Under (Niche marketing, Traffic Tips) by claude on 26-04-2012

Net Space Profits 3.0 is a very articulate approach to generating genuine passive income from capitalizing on local niches. Utilizing a precise streamline method of setting up mini websites we call, “Spaces”, we then combine this with a unique system of ranking and dominating these “Spaces” in local yet lucrative niches.

The product itself is huge.  With hours upon hours of step by step videos all recorded in HD quality, 6 manuals which go into every last detail leaving absolutely NOTHING out making sure whether your a complete newbie or a hardened affiliate… this is absolutely foolproof.

Net Space Profits 3.0 Rewiew and Bonus by Tyler Ericsson

  • Totally Transformed, Revised and Revamped making the NSP System even more powerful and profitable.  Every aspect has been tweaked, tested & improved for members to see immediate results.
  • Never seen before training videos, real case studies and coaching calls from our full time Net Space Profiteers.
  • The all new NSP Propriety software toolkit has been upgraded to be more powerful than ever, not to mention we have an automated timed upgrade add-on feature on this toolkit.  This means throughout the first 25 days, members will receive emails about new FREE upgrades worth $XXX (this alone drives down refunds dramatically)
  • A completely new loaded “Luxury” members area packed with brand new case studies and step by step videos filmed by me personally and also the other NSP team mentors.
  • A Brand NEW “Client Control” module which teaches step by step EXACTLY how to get paying clients for your “Spaces” and really scale up your Net Space business. This is an extensive module which we cover tons of tested techniques in our own business with and without the need to even pick up a phone!


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Success Secrets Of America’s First Millionaire

Filed Under (Business in Box) by claude on 04-03-2012

“Keep your business, and your business will keep you.”

My hero Benjamin Franklin said that.

Benjamin Franklin was America’s first millionaire, a world-class
entrepreneur & inventor, and a master of all things business,
commerce and finances (he was also one of the most effective — and
persuasive — diplomats who ever lived).

And the above quote is likely his most PROFITABLE secret.

Yes, it’s simple.

Yes, it’s not “sexy.”

But it can move mountains if you’re an entrepreneur.

In fact, check out these bananas:

As soon as I started taking this attitude… everything changed
literally overnight. My business went to the next level
financially, and everything just sort of fell into place like

Sales went up.

Profits went up.

I spent less time working (and more time with my family).

Thanks Mr. Franklin!

Anyway, here’s the point:

Someone once said if you treat your business as a business, it
almost has no choice but to succeed, and in a BIG way. But if you
treat it as a hobby or use the “poke it with a stick” method (that
most other wannabe entreprneurs use), it’ll stay a hobby.

Which means it’ll make zero money.

And thus be an (epic) failure.

This is so important, almost everyone misses it.

It won’t get any easier than it is today.

In fact, it’ll likely get very hard (and expensive) just to apply.

So there’s no time to dawdle.

I highly suggest checking it out today, while you can. Success Secrets.

See you on the other side…


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How to supercharged iPhone Video like a pro – ivideo hero

Filed Under (Videos) by claude on 20-02-2012

Discover how to make incredible videos to grow your biz, blog & Youtube Channel using just your iPhone! Guaranteed- Fast, Easy and without breaking the Bank!  Jules Watkins is video producer from BBC is just released his new product called iVideo Hero

  • How to supercharged iPhone Video like a pro  with iVideo Here!
  • High quality video based training viewable 24/7 on Mac/Pc and iPhone/iPad.
  • Easy to follow, step by step learning. Follow along as I make videos in front of you with real biz people.
  • How to get the maximum quality out of your iPhone’s video camera.
  • How to shoot rock steady videos without a tripod.
  • Revealed: The microphone you already own but might not realise!
  • The ‘secret’ accessory that will allow you to capture crisp audio on your iPhone using an external microphone.
  • How to make a fab looking vlog, opt-in or sales video that you’d pay a pro like me big $ for!
  • How to shoot amazing customer testimonials to win you more business.
  • Plus more!

Nobody seems to understand the potential of iPhone Video better than iPhone Video Hero. The training is easy to understand, entertaining and enlightening to say the least!”

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WP Seo Domination Take Over Top Rankings In Major Search Engines For Your Niche!

Filed Under (seo) by claude on 18-10-2011

Some People Find It Extremely Difficult To Achieve First Page Rankings. We Don’t, and Our Plugin Holds Your Hand Through Every Step of The Way! Wp SEO Domination – WordPress SEO plugin that everyone should use The Ultimate WordPress SEO Plugin. Get a first page ranking in search engines in as little as 10 days

The Most Technologically Advanced World  class  all  in One WP Seo Plugin for LSI/SEO on- Site Optimization… WP SEO Domination is THE WP SEO Plugin that will be your own personal SEO consultant that will hold your hand in getting your wordpress web sites ranking to the first page of Google and all the other major Search Engines! If you are doing something wrong, then WP SEO Domination will instruct you and help you get it right before you ever post it live. You will finally know your SEO score before the search engines and beat down your top competitors.

-Sophisticated Enterprise-Level – On-site Optimized WordPress SEO Plugin… WPSeoDomination is a sophisticated enterprise-level WordPress SEO Plugin enhanced with advanced search engine optimization technology features.

So Exactly How Does This WordPress SEO Plugin Help you?

Analyzes Keyword Density

-Automatic Decorate your keywords

-Automatically Adds Alt-Tags to your images

-Calculates your SEO Score

-Guided Each Step of the Way

-In Depth Checklist

-Boost Thousands of PURE  Quality Traffic… and much more…

But, You’re Also Getting Access To The Following…
Private WP Seo Domination forum – Get fast answers & advice from SEO experts, and fellow Wp SEO Domination™ Members.
Video Training Tutorials –  We are dedicated to having each of our clients succeed in better rankings in all the major search engines.
All Around Support – We are available almost all day, everyday.

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