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Top Best Practise of Google Analytics to Optimize and Maket your Website today

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 22-12-2011

Use Google Analytics To Its Full Potential. What good is a tool if you don’t know how to use it. By being able to use it you will finally be able to know what all those numbers and percentage mean for you and your website.

Every month Google Team work hard to improve the Analytics experience.  And I just received the  New features for your Dec campaigns. Basically every morning  I start my day  before open any emails  with Google Analytics… But I never pay to much attention to the rest of the feature since someone from Grenoble  speaking to me about Google Aanlytics E commerce feature… So I need to fix that and learn quickly what is about?

What is Google Analytics ?
Google analytics can be viewed separately, or together with your existing Google AdWords account; the two are independent but can be run together. You can use this tool with your Google AdWords account, or if you wish, you can use either one of the two entirely independently. Using Google Analytics in combination with Google AdWords, you can both analyze how well the traffic is heading towards your site as well as which of the adverts are pulling in more traffic. With the extra top contest report you find within this, you can ascertain at which point viewers are leaving your site; this is extremely important, and having the knowledge as to which of your pages are most popular will allow you to make any changes necessary to your content in order to draw back the viewers you are loosing.

One of the  brilliant feature you will find in the Google Analytics package is indeed the goals page. With the goals feature of Google Analytics, you can determine which of the viewers to your site are actually buying from your site, making this an integral feature of the package. Within goals, you will see features such as purchase confirmations, allowing you to easily see exactly who is purchasing from your site. If you are the head of your company, then as administrator to the account, you can set up accounts for your staff members with limited access to the information, giving you flexibility over exactly what your employees can view or not.

Tp 10 essential features of Google Analytics you need to know today.

  • Google Analytics allows you to compare data about the performance of your site at two different time periods. It also allows you to chart the data immediately to get a better view of your site. It shows you the performance of your site based on area, city or country metrics.
  • Providing referring sites and search results metrics are the basic features of any analytics program, but with Google Analytics you can get statistics not only on the number of visitors a link partner is sending, but the quality of the traffic.
  • Once you have your business goals, for example sales & marketing, setup in Google Analytics you are able to determine and thus control vast amounts of data with regard to what’s working and what’s not in your marketing strategy.
  • Google Analytics allows complete Adwords integration. This means it provides data on each group, campaign, and keyword. Specifically, you can look at each of these areas and see the number of displays, clicks, your cost, conversion, etc.
  • It enables you to customize the rich features provided in your Google Analytics dashboard. You can move the most often used reports to the dashboard for fast access by just clicking the Add to Dashboard link.
  • The Google Analytics dashboard feature allows you to schedule and automatically send recurring email updates to yourself or other recipients within your business using multiple formats.
  • Google Analytics shows you the popularity and effectiveness of each link on every page of your site. These powerful and graphical reports display the effectiveness of your site design in a visual model.
  • Google Analytic’s navigation summary report shows where your users go from the homepage, or how most of them get to your contact page. If people aren’t following your desired naviGAtion, it means you probably need to correct some things on your page to compel users to click on the areas you desire.
  • Google Analytics tells you what search keywords people are using to find your site. If certain keywords are proving hot, you might want to consider catering Google Adwords keyword buys, content, and offers to them.It tells you how your customers find you.
  • The search engine traffic metric illustrates which search engines are sending the most traffic to your website and how well it’s converting into sales. This will help you optimize your marketing spend and SEO efforts.

Market Yourself And Your Product Effectively. To knowing what works and what doesn’t in your website and marketing strategy. And you want to know how to used it check out this video bellow…

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