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How To Get Cheap Clicks And Higher Conversions Using Facebook Ads

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 09-05-2013

Want to see how to get cheap clicks on Facebook Ads using Custom Audiences?

Facebook is a huge source of traffic. It doesn’t matter if you’re an affiliate marketer promoting someone elses stuff or a product owner trying to sell your own things, facebook traffic is huge. If done correctly you really can build a huge empire just with Facebook Ads alone. Their targeting allows you to show your ads to people who are most likely to be interested in your stuff!

This 8 part video guide will walk you through how to get even more precisely targeted traffic!

Here’s what you get:

Video 1: Introduction to the Method.

This is the introduction to what you’re going to be doing on Facebook to get dirt cheap clicks and how to increase your conversion rate.

Video 2: Angle Research

Angles are key to success. Don’t be generic, go for different angles when promoting anything and your success rate will go up.

Video 3: Landing Page Creation

It’s not hard. You MUST use landing pages when using angles. You could direct link from the ad to the offer but it’s not nearly as effective.

Video 4: Get Group IDs

This is where my software pulls lists of people from Facebook for you to target. This is the key to getting dirt cheap clicks and higher conversions.

Video 5: Conversion Tracking

You can’t run a campaign unless you track your conversions! I’ll show you how to use Facebook’s own conversion tracking in this video.
Video 6: Facebook Power Editor Campaign Setup

The power editor is such a time saver and absolutely necessary to use with this method. It’s simple, free and I’ll walk you through it step by step in this video.
Video 7: Rinse & Repeat

Manufacture your own luck. This video shows you how to scale your campaigns on Facebook. Follow this and you’ll be set.

Video 8: Conclusion

Summarizing what you learned and giving you a plan of action going forward is what this video is all about.

If you want to learn more about this new strategy check out this case study.

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Millionaire Mind Set Tips

Filed Under (Books) by claude on 01-05-2013

Few Things You Must To Know About Millionaire Mind Set Tips

Most people wonder why there are individuals who are incredibly rich and why there are some who always struggle to make both ends meet.

And why are there more poor people than rich people?

It’s no secret that super affiliates have more resources than the average beginner. They have more tools, more contacts, and more websites than a beginning affiliate marketer.

But, they have something else that is far more valuable and that a beginner can easily acquire for themselves with the right approach – and that’s their mindset.

The mindset of a super affiliate millionaire is entirely different from that of a newbie to the field. If you’re willing to pour a bit of extra effort in and change how you look at your work, you can be there too.

::: The Mindset of a Millionaire :::

Interested in taking on the mind-molding strategies that the world’s affiliate millionaires have been using? Here are some valuable tips to get you started:

* Take Action Towards Your Goals – Every action you take should drive you towards your goals. Make sure those goals are tangible and not so vague that you don’t know how to proceed.

* Invest Your Money – Don’t spend your profits; reinvest them. Take all the money you don’t need to survive and use it for software, books, outsourcing, and websites.

* Believe in Your Actions – Something as simple as self-belief will change how you proceed with almost everything in your campaigns. Know that you can succeed and stop thinking about the possibility of failure.

* Use Your Spare Time to Move Forward – Spare time is not for lounging around and consuming. You should be creating and learning. Take classes, read books, and build your websites.

The more time you invest in pushing your efforts forward and developing yourself intellectually, the closer you’ll get to success.

* Improve Yourself – While your business is important, so too is your body. It’s easy to spend 12 hours a day on the computer typing, but then what happens to your mind? Step back, look at your health and make sure to take care of yourself. Exercises daily, eat healthily and take time off to relax as needed.

* Focus on Opportunities, not Obstacles – Forget the obstacles in front of you. Focus on them only long enough to find solutions. Stop looking for reasons you might fail and start looking for ways you can succeed.

* Dream Big and Make it Happen – Have big dreams. Small dreams lead to underperformance. You have the ability to do much more than that, but it starts with believing you can do something substantial. Once you get to that point, you can cater your goals and actions toward making it happen.

* Learn Constantly – Knowledge is what separates newcomers from those who succeed. Don’t spend all your time reading when you could be doing, but also don’t forget that there are thousands of successful marketers out there you can learn from.

Read their books, follow their advice and develop strategies that will help you grow in your life and your business.

* Never Feel Guilty About Your Success – If you feel guilty when you make a sale and earn money, stop. You’re running a business and using your talents to make a profit. Be proud of that and embrace it as much as possible. That guilt is irrational and will only hinder your progress.

You really want to be the next major affiliate millionaire? You want to stop worrying about paying your mortgage and focus on the things you truly love in your life? This is where you need to start.

Success in the affiliate marketing field doesn’t begin with article writing or website building. It starts with someone at their computer learning how to think like a winner. Do that and you’ll be miles ahead of many other affiliate marketing newcomers.

The mind of a truly successful Internet marketer doesn’t just strive for excellence; it believes in it.

That’s why I want to recommend Mind Movies. Mind Movies provides you with a custom built mind movie that you can watch and rewatch every day to help you visualize your future success:

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Fast Commissions by Andrew X and Winter Valko – Any Video Review?

Filed Under (blog make money) by claude on 26-12-2012

If you’ve ever wondered how ordinary people are able to bank endless streams of income you MUST see this:

Fast Commissions is the new internet marketing program created by nationally known guru, Andrew X and Winter Valko.

What is Fast Commissions?

One of the other benefits of Fast Commissions includes 15 websites that you can drive traffic to. You can either pick one or two or try to drive traffic to all of them. Either way, this product can definitely help you make more money.

Because Fast Commissions is basically a double product of software and video training program.
Te sofware is actually crate fully optimized sites without doing to much thing. With the video Matthew
show how to use Fast Commissions software.

Also you will lean How to optimize your site for Google and the others Search Engines.

Xtreme Free Commissions Software:

*Design sites quickly and easily
*Use F C Software
*Build SEO optimized sites within minutes
*Generate unlimites artciles on any niche.
*Spin Contents
*Monetize sites
*Promote sites targeting lazer buyers
*Use automates software
*Use free tools and resources to rank site for tons traffic

3- Upsells

VIP Cash Sites ($297) You will find your 20 dones for your niche review commission sites

* VIP Advanced Coaching ($197) This course is designed to scale your efforts into paid campaigns and multiply your profits

*Viral Traffic Apps ($147) The Traffic Explosion App will set your site on the path to better search ranking.
By the way thoses Upsells are not required to make the Fast Commissions system work but if you wanna make it easier then you should go for it.

Watch the Free Video Now to discover how EASY it is to generate long term recurring income… and take him up on his promise.

You have nothing  to lose and  at least  a 6-FIGURE Income to gain!

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How to make money with pinterest and amazon by Jani G

Filed Under (Pinterest) by claude on 17-12-2012

Did you know that you can get paid for posting pictures online? Pinterest Makes Him $533 Per Day

There’s this new site that you can actually realistically earn between $100 – $200  per day  , by posting images.

Users on this site are 10 times more likely to buy from you than Facebook or Google…

The tutorial video is around 20 minutes of good content, so make sure you cut out all distractions when you check it out, and take notes.

After you watch the video, you will be able to apply the technique he shows you, and start getting as much traffic as you want from Pinterest for FREE.

What you get from Pin Your Income System!

*Step by Step Tutorial Videos How to get Traffic and Make Money From Pinterest!

*Free: Copy and Paste Campaigns

*Free: Mobile Pin Tornado
*Free: Live 1 on 1 Money Mastermind Training Webinar


Watch the tutorial video here!

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Facebook Ads Queen Video Review and Bonus – How to create Facebook Ads

Filed Under (Facebook) by claude on 23-06-2012

When you know how to get incredibly targeted advertising in front of the perfect customers for your business, your sales can’t help but go up. Facebook is the Internet’s largest traffic source in the US, and growing worldwide right!. In fact, it just took over  the #1 spot – from Google.

I wanted to show you a good system you can use to get into Facebook Ads marketing System Faster and Easily. That
system is Victoria’s Facebook Ads Queen.

Today you going to learn exactly how to do Facebook Ads right so you can keep your costs low, your response rate high, and watch your sales grow stronger than you’ve seen with any other marketing you’ve done until now.

You’re about to get very, very good at creating Facebook Ads that can start making you money right away. Here’s How you’ll do it.

  • Facebook Ads Guide Review – What You Can Expect

All 4 Training Modules, delivered weekly over 30 days, so you can turn your Facebook Ads into the best business investment you’ve made

  • My Quick Start Guide

The basics you need to know to embark on your Facebook Ads learning journey…
First how to set up your Facebook Ad account and Facebook Page step by step.

  • Module 1  over 4 videos
  • Step by step explains everything you need to know to find your customers on Facebook and take advantage of Facebook’s laser targeting opportunities.
  • Module 2

How to set up a Custom Landing Tab on your Facebook Page and why this is a goldmine for your business.

All you need to know about crafting the right message for your ads, including Headlines, Copy and Image selection.

Also show you best practice examples of Facebook Ads and Landing Pages that you can model.

  •  Module 3  -Website or Facebook Page?

How to choose where to send your ad once and for all.

  • Module 4

How to set up a Killer Ad Campaign as we run through the bidding and approval road map. Why the amount you bid makes a huge difference to the success of your campaigns.

You get to dial in to 2 of the fortnightly calls where you’ll get access to me for a group Q&A session about everything you’ve learned that week.

  • Private Facebook Group Access
  • Plus killer bonus

Bonus 1: Facebook Ad & Landing Page Inspiration File

Get some best practice examples of Facebook Ads, Custom Tabs and Landing Pages that are working right now in this free PDF!

Bonus 2: Supercharge Your Facebook Ads With Contests

On this free webinar you’ll discover the secrets to getting truckloads of visitors to your Facebook Page using simple contests. We run through examples and make sure you stay within the Facebook Guidelines.

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Top Best Practise of Google Analytics to Optimize and Maket your Website today

Filed Under (Traffic Tips) by claude on 22-12-2011

Use Google Analytics To Its Full Potential. What good is a tool if you don’t know how to use it. By being able to use it you will finally be able to know what all those numbers and percentage mean for you and your website.

Every month Google Team work hard to improve the Analytics experience.  And I just received the  New features for your Dec campaigns. Basically every morning  I start my day  before open any emails  with Google Analytics… But I never pay to much attention to the rest of the feature since someone from Grenoble  speaking to me about Google Aanlytics E commerce feature… So I need to fix that and learn quickly what is about?

What is Google Analytics ?
Google analytics can be viewed separately, or together with your existing Google AdWords account; the two are independent but can be run together. You can use this tool with your Google AdWords account, or if you wish, you can use either one of the two entirely independently. Using Google Analytics in combination with Google AdWords, you can both analyze how well the traffic is heading towards your site as well as which of the adverts are pulling in more traffic. With the extra top contest report you find within this, you can ascertain at which point viewers are leaving your site; this is extremely important, and having the knowledge as to which of your pages are most popular will allow you to make any changes necessary to your content in order to draw back the viewers you are loosing.

One of the  brilliant feature you will find in the Google Analytics package is indeed the goals page. With the goals feature of Google Analytics, you can determine which of the viewers to your site are actually buying from your site, making this an integral feature of the package. Within goals, you will see features such as purchase confirmations, allowing you to easily see exactly who is purchasing from your site. If you are the head of your company, then as administrator to the account, you can set up accounts for your staff members with limited access to the information, giving you flexibility over exactly what your employees can view or not.

Tp 10 essential features of Google Analytics you need to know today.

  • Google Analytics allows you to compare data about the performance of your site at two different time periods. It also allows you to chart the data immediately to get a better view of your site. It shows you the performance of your site based on area, city or country metrics.
  • Providing referring sites and search results metrics are the basic features of any analytics program, but with Google Analytics you can get statistics not only on the number of visitors a link partner is sending, but the quality of the traffic.
  • Once you have your business goals, for example sales & marketing, setup in Google Analytics you are able to determine and thus control vast amounts of data with regard to what’s working and what’s not in your marketing strategy.
  • Google Analytics allows complete Adwords integration. This means it provides data on each group, campaign, and keyword. Specifically, you can look at each of these areas and see the number of displays, clicks, your cost, conversion, etc.
  • It enables you to customize the rich features provided in your Google Analytics dashboard. You can move the most often used reports to the dashboard for fast access by just clicking the Add to Dashboard link.
  • The Google Analytics dashboard feature allows you to schedule and automatically send recurring email updates to yourself or other recipients within your business using multiple formats.
  • Google Analytics shows you the popularity and effectiveness of each link on every page of your site. These powerful and graphical reports display the effectiveness of your site design in a visual model.
  • Google Analytic’s navigation summary report shows where your users go from the homepage, or how most of them get to your contact page. If people aren’t following your desired naviGAtion, it means you probably need to correct some things on your page to compel users to click on the areas you desire.
  • Google Analytics tells you what search keywords people are using to find your site. If certain keywords are proving hot, you might want to consider catering Google Adwords keyword buys, content, and offers to them.It tells you how your customers find you.
  • The search engine traffic metric illustrates which search engines are sending the most traffic to your website and how well it’s converting into sales. This will help you optimize your marketing spend and SEO efforts.

Market Yourself And Your Product Effectively. To knowing what works and what doesn’t in your website and marketing strategy. And you want to know how to used it check out this video bellow…

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Few thing you must to know about PPC before you start and get more from your PPC efforts.

Filed Under (ppc) by claude on 18-12-2011

What you need to know about Pay Per Click before you start a PPC campaing? Do you need to get more from your PPC efforts? Are you tired of paying the Google tax?
How to get targeted visitors for as low as $.08 a click?  How to Consistently get a 10/10 Quality Score every single time?
First all Google Adwords released on October 23rd 2000 and Google’s total advertising revenues were USD$28 billion in 2010.

How to leverage your business with the Power Of Online Advertising Thru Google Adwords. You need to know how to set up a good laser targeted campaigns that drive in ‘qualified’ buyers, so that every click counts for something.

Need more leads and sales – without spending more on traffic? This is the time to simplify PPC marketing and removed the fear that’s been holding you back. PPC marketing is the best way to get your marketing message into the heart of your favorite niche market without having to spend more than a few minutes setting it all up.

It is pretty clear that ppc has become the most used way to market online. I see it as a forever expanding market, with new PPC programs, advertisers and publishers joining in their thousands daily. The simplicity, cost efficient solution and instant results give PPC not many negatives to claim about. However, before many young new advertisers plunge into the depths of PPC, they will need to know about PPC from the start. They need to know what they might be facing and instant successful results may take time to achieve.

PPC = Money

Like with all advertisement, it costs. For PPC, although being one of the more cost efficient forms of advertising, it is still expensive for a beginner who doesn’t have a overly huge budget. Therefore, you should budget extremely carefully to raise some capital to spend on PPC. The first few weeks even months of your campaign will not have the aim to get success results but to familiarise yourself with the logic of PPC. Once you have done that, you can concentrate more on optimising your PPC campaign.

PPC = Time

Again, I’m making PPC sound expensive and time-costly. However its not, if compared again to other types of advertisement. Even so, you will still need to put aside time to create your campaign, analyse your campaign and optimise your campaign. PPC is a time efficient form of advertising. But, it will still take time. You cannot presume that because you click a button and your campaign has started means you don’t have to put any time into it. Your PPC campaign will need constant attention. Without it, failure will occur.

  • Set Up your own goal…

Like with anything, if you have nothing to strive to achieve, you will not perform at your best. The same applied with PPC advertising. Before you start, create an aim, a goal, a motivation of which you want to achieve by a specific date. To make your aim, think of SMARTQ:

Specific – Make your aims specific to your and your campaign’s needs. As well as that, make them well-defined and focused.
Measurable – This basically means for you to include numbers and dates in your aim so you can compare back from your aim to the reality of your campaign.
Attainable – Don’t be too optimistic when setting your aim. You have to remember that you are new to this advertising network and will most likely learn from mistakes you make in the first few months. Therefore, don’t aim to achieve a high success (or conversion) rate.
Relevant – The aim must have relevance to the outside world as well as the interest of what you want to promote. For example, if you are trying to promote a English book, don’t aim to promote the book to foreign languages where the chances are they won’t be able to read the book. You are not promoting the product to the relevant market.
Time-Based – As I have mentioned already under attainable, your aim should have a time-frame in which you must achieve your aim by. E.g. Budget £1,000 to ‘this PPC campaign’ by ‘this date’ to use for the run up to Christmas.

Using SMART goals, you should be able to produce a fairly good aim for you to achieve as a new PPC advertiser. If you don’t achieve your aim, don’t worry! It’s early days still and make sure that you know why you didn’t achieve your aim and how you can make sure to achieve your aim next time round. Learn from your mistakes is the best way to progress.

As you can now see, there are a few things you need to ‘tick off the list’ before you get into PPC. These are not neccessities but guidlines to move you onto your way to success. If you are interested in other things you need to know about PPC: I suggest you have a look the videos bellow… Discover traffic generation secrets from a Google Insider.

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