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Jen O’Shea Twist Her Leg 180 Degrees

Filed Under (talent) by claude on 21-05-2013

Cancer survivor Jen O’Shea has been left with a special talent after undergoing treatment to beat the disease – she can now twist her leg an incredible 180 degrees.
The brave youngster had the right side of her pelvis removed in 2011 after she was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a rare and deadly form of cancer.
Two years on Jen is now free from the disease and can walk again after months of painstaking physiotherapy.
And her missing joint has left her with a very special party trick.
Girl who survived cancer can now rotate leg 180 degrees.

A young cancer survivor has wowed friends, family and now the internet with a quirky talent she recently revealed in the hopes of winning a contest on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Jen O’Shea, can rotate her right leg a full 180 degrees with no pain or effort at all so that her foot is facing the ceiling.

Ms O’Shea’s amazing and bizarre flexibility is the result of an operation following the treatment of a rare form of bone cancer. After being diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma, she underwent a right internal hempipelvectomy in 2011 in which surgeons removed the entire right side of her pelvis without replacing it. The brave patient has endured months of physiotherapy to learn how to walk again but only realised she could twist her leg last year and was shy about showing her friends.

Jen O'Shea  Talent

Jen O’Shea Talent

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