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CB Quantum system by Chrix

Filed Under (Dirty PPC) by claude on 27-05-2009

CB Quantum system  is Chrix new product (coming soon…)
the man behind Day Job Killer is completely new revolutionary tactic never been found and used…
and I will prepare speacial bonus for that… tomorrow…

For the first time Chris X and his team will be giving full resale rights to some of their earlier guides

Chrix speak out:”

What is CB Quantum system

*The path of least resistance -easy, simple, path to job-killing income and millionaire status.
*Created by me, Ken & Andrew Fox -no contacts or capital, but because millionaires.
*Addresses the problems ClickBank profiteers have in 09 -expensive, time, difficulty.
*Everything you need to profit – templates, business in a box, step-by-step e-book and video.
* Real- life coaching- so you can ask me questions personnaly by me & Andrew Fox.

Google Proof: sneak preview

*Auto-pilot $463,000 last yeat – one campaign ( actual give-away coming soon).
*Point here is simplicity- you are forced to follow my instructions
*Very little expense required – idea is start small and build.

Problem with Clickbank

*Expensive to test with PPC many losing campaigns, spend a lot before you profit
*Difficult -you need to learn web-design, write copy, build a business.
*Time- consuming -you must create campaigns over and over

The Solution…

*Go after micro-targeted campaigns: very cheap, extremely targeted
*Swipe -copy the exact formula already proven to generate up to $460,000 per year.
*Need far fewer campaigns if you use new and original methods others don’t know.

Case study #1: Water FuelX- “hit and run”, no effort $45,000…

*Only did $45,000 in account( you are after  small amounts – not $533,000 or $568,000)…
*I didn’t write the product- or provide support -or do copy or pay*any* money up-front.
*Took me a week to set the site up -never did any work on it after launch(rinse n repeat).
*Way I chose niche was very important – as was timing, “hit and run”
*Can do much biger numbers than that (e.g.$533k)-but takes time… goal here is NO time

It is about easy, quick”profit grabs” (no effort, no up-front cost)…”

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