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Google Ambush Profits

Filed Under (Winner Product) by claude on 10-11-2008

When I told you that Andrew and Steven were unleashing Google Ambush on the world, I told you this thing is a tool–software, to be specific. That’s true, but it’s so much more than that. Before I get to those details, though, it’s live, and you need to get over there and grab your spot before they’re gone

If you’re still reading, I assume that’s because you want to know what all the fuss is about. Well, simply put, if you like working your fingers to the bone to do everything you need to do to create a winning PPC campaign, this isn’t for you. There are people who like to rub sticks together to light fires when there are matches available. I can’t change their minds.

But if you’re tired of doing that, or you’re just daunted by the complexity of all the moving parts and inputs for a PPC campaign, Google Ambush is going to knock you on your hind parts.

What these guys have done is put all of their tricks of the trade, all of their months of learning (and years now), into a single wizard that walks you through everything you need to do to create a PPC campaign that sucks in money like a black hole eats light. Think about what you need to do to set up and optimize a campaign…now imagine it being push-button easy to do each of those things.

You’ll still have to put the pieces together inside Google when you’re setting up your campaign, but gosh, that’s the easy part. Getting the inputs is what usually stinks.

You can see for yourself how powerful this is, right here on this page

On that page Steven and Andrew talk about the six-step process they’ve almost completely automated for you. They’ve taken about 99% of the setup pain away. I’ll run through it real quick.

* The Niche Selector digs into the hottest markets out there and reverse engineers them for you, so you can target the best products for the most highly converting markets

* The Keyword Finder/Spy finds keywords you can dominate in no time flat, and even ranks them for you so you know which ones are the juiciest targets.

* The PPC Campaign Generator finds the ads in your niche that are currently raking in the dough, and tells you how to clone them and swipe your slice of the pie.

* The Landing Page Generator then automatically produces high-quality landing pages for each keyword (good grief, can you imagine doing that by hand?!)

This is like going from riding a bike to flying a Lear jet. It’s nuts. What’s crazier is what they’re charging for it. They’ve set it up as a monthly service. Sign up, generate as many campaigns as you want whenever you want 24×7, and pay only a dinky monthly fee. Seriously, if you add up the cost of a professional’s time to do this work for you, your monthly fee here is less than you’d pay for an hour. I’m not kidding. I can’t explain the power of this software in a short email, so the best thing to do right now is see for yourself.

I can’t emphasize enough how much power you’re getting for pennies. Steven and Andrew know what they’re doing–their results prove it. And they’ll let you have access to everything they know, all in a simple wizard that walks you through the process step by step. Do you want their results (you’ll have to see them to believe them)? Then you have two choices. You can go through the months and years of learning like they did, or you can sign up for Google Ambush and start breaking the bank by next month.

You pick Here’s to beating Google into submission, P.S. This is an introductory price, so don’t waste time. They’ll raise the price soon, no exceptions, so jump on it now before you have to pay double (or more) for it.

Exclusive Bonus – First 20 Orders ONLY!

Here’s the deal. If you purchase Google Ambush through my special link, then I will give you an exclusive bonus offer valued at over $ 900 absolutely free.

1. Professional Site & Content Generation Software $97 Value
The secret SEO software that I use to build my own SEO Empire, that generates money on autopilot without practically doing anything! (Just upload, install and you’re done)

2. Professional Keyword Tracking Software $197 Value
The same software that is used by the Top Players for their AdWords Campaigns! Built-in
AJAX and produces a very pretty campaign stats.

3. BlackHat AdWords Exploits $97Value
I will show you how to use secret AdWords Direct Linking technique to boost your Quality Score to Maximum while reducing your Cost Per Click to mere pennies. Now you don’t have to build a mini sites/landing page again when you are launching a new AdWords campaigns.

4.Tim Godfre’s Profit Praxis BluePrint Course $197 Value

5.Alex Goad’s Affiliate Payload Course $ 197 Value

3 Simple Steps to Get These Free
Bonuses Delivered Straight to Your Inbox!

There are three very easy steps to follow in order to get your free bonuses.

1. Clear your browsers cookies

2. Purchase Google Ambush through this Link:

3. Email your purchase receipt to:

* Allow up to 24 hours for the delivery of your bonuses

Enjoy Google Ambush along with your Google Ambush Bonuses!

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