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How to Use Blogging Blogging For Leads

Filed Under (leads) by claude on 27-04-2013

Blogging For Leads

Yesterday I touched on the “5 Steps To Building Your Internet Marketing Business”and I want to go into a bit more detail about the online strategies you can startimplementing today to build your list, drive more traffic and make more sales.

Having a blog, a “central hub” to your online marketing activity, is the corecomponent to creating a massively profitable online business without ever stepping foot
outside your home.

If you are an Internet or network marketer who still hasn’t launched your Blog because you feel overwhelmed by all of the technical aspects of pulling it off, today I am going
to help you get off of the scary train.

When I first started my blog, I often felt overwhelmed, confused and at times downright frustrated. It feltlike I was running in circles, constantly working on a blog that was not materializinginto the branding hub and income profit center I envisioned.

Your blog is the most important piece of real estate you have on the Internet.It is the one place where people come to get to know you and learn about what you do.

Your Network Marketing blog is the place to showcase your content, your message your business opportunity and the value you share withthe community.

I talk to so many network marketers who have spent months getting around to launching their blog. I spend hours on the phone with other marketers who have no clue where to
start. Obviously, setting up a blog is a BIG challenge for many marketers, and I want to help you conquer that hurdle.

I am going to outline for you where you should be spending your money, where you can cut costs,plus give you some free and low cost resources that you can use to help you launch your blog

A. Get a Domain Name: Go to and scoop up a domain.
Your domain name can be any thing that represents you and your brand.

B. Set Up Your Hosting: Going to Hostgator or BlueHost is an affordable way to house your blog online.

C. Get An Auto-responder: Be able to set up opt-in forms, manage your email list and send automated follow up messages to your followers.

E. Choose A Theme: Your blog is the one place that showcases your value to the world. Choose a theme that is clean, professional and conveys your message and mission clearly!

Have An Irresistible Offer: Provide a free or irresistible offer to give away to entice your blog readers to subscribe or opt-in to you email list. Your free offer can be in the form of a free report, and eBook, an audio or a video.Setting up your blog doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact you can do the steps

I outlined for you and have your blog launched and your online doors open in less than 24 hours!

If you want speed this process and start right now you can do by just click the link bellow and copy my business model today.

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